Thursday, June 08, 2006


Willie pops out

He’s appeared! If somewhat under circumstances he would rather have avoided.

It would appear that Oor Will-lie may be in a bit of trouble for not declaring an interest as his party’s defence spokesman. According to the Record “he was a top PR man at McEwan Purvis, who represent missile manufacturers Raytheon”.

Apparently is still listed as an account director at McEwan Purvis's website and visited Raytheon's Glenrothes factory shortly after being made party defence spokesman. In a glowing account of the visit posted on the firm's internet site, he said: "Living in Fife I had heard a lot about Raytheon and I was keen to see the factory for myself. Having had the opportunity to visit and meet some of the management team and employees it is easy to understand why the company enjoys such a good reputation both in Fife and further a field.”

The “Control Arms” website also takes a similar interest and says: “More than 40 per cent of the largest 100 defence companies in the world are from the USA. Four of the five top arms companies globally – Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon – are US companies”.

It also has an interesting gallery of FibDems supporting “Control Arms”.

Perhaps we can have a spot the fibber competition to identify which ones really care about it and which ones are trying to play both sides at the same time.

Interesting how many Lib Dem representatives have a PR background - Willie Rennie, Danny Alexander, P(S)PC Craig Harrow in Inverness - is this a trend or just a co-incidence?
Just what is so wrong about having a PR background? I've worked in PR for 15 years, always for charities, campaign groups, communities and ethical companies. The Lib Dem ex-PR's may have sold fizzy drink to kids, and made excuses for weapons of mass destruction, but not all PR people are bad people, and not all PR work is evil! Grow up!
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