Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Whoops! Another Fine!

Ohhhh man.....It has been awhile for Squealer. But he had to get back into the game when he saw this screamer that came across the wire. Looks like the Fibs are going to have to another fine, as we reported earlier. The incompetence. The shame.

Looks like they failed to get their books in order. Didn't get their accounts in to the Electoral Commission in time.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Oh My Lord!

According to this report in the Telegraph it would appear that a FibDem Lord has actually woken up to the true nature of his party:

Sir Menzies Campbell is facing a leadership challenge within weeks of taking his party to a record low in the polls and entering into talks with Gordon Brown.

A group of Liberal Democrat MPs and peers have resolved to call for Sir Menzies to stand down this month if the party finishes in third place in two forthcoming by-elections, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Sir Menzies has been struggling to maintain his authority for months amid rising unhappiness over his poor public performances and lack of impact in the opinion polls. Tensions in the party boiled over at a private meeting of the party at Westminster last week at which one senior Lib Dem peer openly called him a "liar" for failing to inform the party of his talks with Mr Brown.

"There is now outright rebellion," one senior Lib Dem said. "We are absolutely livid."

Livid at being found out no doubt but old Porridge is intrigued as to the identity of the senior Lib Dem peer. Anyone know?

"A liar" - Senior Lib Dem peer


And they're off!!!

An appalling smear on our favourite party from Iain Dale. It would appear the Tories are alleging that the Fibs are offering cash prizes to people who put up their posters.

It beggars belief that the FibDems would act in such a manner.

As any fool knows it's sweeties they hand out as prizes.

At £50 a poster and a rather large repayment to make Ming was desperately trying to ignore the angry claims coming in

Sunday, July 01, 2007


In these troubled times

Old Porridge has recieved an e-mail from a reader which questions the moral focus of those "nice" LibDems.

Whilst we have:
What are the LibDems blogging about most?

By-election tittle tattle and their usual character assasinations of opponents in the Ealing Southall by-election. (Which is itself telling since they are claiming the Tories have no chance - frightened of them are we chaps?)

Just look at their posts on LibDem Voice and LibDem Blogs and the times they have been posted.

Since the London incidents all we have had on LibDem Voice has been four posts, THREE of which are about the by-election and one about a conference. Their by-election ones have been the usual spurious claims of "winning here" and attacking or maligning opponents. No positive reasons to vote LibDem.

Meanwhile on LibDem Blogs we get a flavour of what LibDems think are the most important issues since the current attacks. Yes, you've guessed it. The Ealing Southall by-election.

Out of 78 blog posts their favourite subject has 11 posts at 5:47pm, 2:34pm, 12:12pm, 12:00pm, 11:34am on Sunday and 10:27pm, 9:56pm, 8:22pm, 7:58pm, 6:17pm and 12:06pm on the Saturday. Only one refers to the London bombings and the rest are generally locally focussed.

It is often said the LibDems are a bit weird and obsessed with by-elections but this litany of blogging exposes that weird obsession as ranging on the immoral. It seems winning by-elections by using fraudulent and dubious messages is more important to them than national security.

I'm sure the London voters of Ealing Southall will be less than confident that this is a party with their security interests at heart rather than just grubbing their votes once this obsession is pointed out to them.

After all even one of LibDem Voice's posters has realised what impression this obsession will give:
H-Lad Says: July 1st, 2007 at 3:22 pm

Please stop this!!!!! If you want the Tories trawling through every LibDem blog and what every LibDem “activist” or “member” says up and down the country then this is thr right way to go about it. And I bet you we’ve said worse things … What is wrong with the LDV team at the moment - wrong judgement lads.
Quite right H-Lad but the cat's out the bag already. Your party's "immoral focus" is exposed by your own members blogging record.

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