Friday, June 23, 2006


Will-lie scolds Labour for NOT lying

Anyone see Dunfermline by-election fraud winner Will-lie Rennie on Newsnight last night? Have they been reading FibDems and getting a bit concerned about his lack of profile one wonders? Imagine that? The Fibs getting so worried about a blog site that it affects what decisions they make.

I got the impression he was condemning Brown for being so explicit in wanting a nuclear deterrence for the long term. Hmmm, does that mean Will-lie believes he shouldn't be explicit and hide the truth from voters? Silly question when it's the Fibs we're dealing with.

And what was that I heard about him criticising the Prime Minister for pre-empting Parliament and sanctimoniously saying that there should be a debate? Erm, Will-lie he did say that actually. Perhaps you should pay attention at Prime Minister's question time...a bit like Ming:

"The Prime Minister: As I think I said before, there should be the fullest possible debate on the issue."

But since when has the truth ever stopped the Fibs from spreading a good lie about other people's policies and then claiming it was a "mistake"?

"Willie Rennie and the Liberal Democrats fought an entirely fraudulent campaign based on a wholly bogus prospectus."

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