Sunday, June 04, 2006


What ever happened to...

...Will-lie Rennie?

Schoolgirl: "No Mr Rennie. That's not an accurate bar chart. Now do 500 lines saying 'I shall not lie to voters'."

Only a few months ago his party bosses are lauding him as "a strong champion for the Dunfermline area and electing him will send a powerful message to Tony Blair's government."

Now he's almost invisible with the impact of a jellyfish on Rockall.

A Google of the main local paper the Dunfermline Press only brings up this single story but he doesn't appear in the story when you press the link. However to be fair he does appear in the cached version but only as another local politician quoted amongst many.

How about Fife Now? There he only appears in two stories. One from a month ago and the latest only has his placement in a local race amongst 600 other runners. (He was 94th if you're interested).

How about on a Google news search. The grand total of 4 hits.

Two are the same story - his open goal question to the PM about Charles Clarke. But one of those damns him with faint praise describing him as "Wee Willie Rennie" who "squeaked from the Lib Dem benches".

One of the other stories was from Fife Now (above) and the final one exposes FibDem hypocrisy over those oh-so-controversial bridge tolls they were opposing whilst proposing them.

As he fades into obscurity any FibDem mentions of the Dunfermline by-election will just illicit a dumbfounded look from voters who wonder what they are havering about as Ming's performances get progressively worse and the leadership ferrets fight a bit more in the party sack.

"Oi! Less of this comparison with FibDems
will you? We've got a reputation to keep

"Yeah and leave us Jellyfish out of it as well."

I believe, from my work's parliamentary monitoring service, that he's doing a debate in Parliament this week on asthma, just FYI for those with an interest.
Could his low profile be anything to do with his bogus campaign on tolls?
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