Friday, June 30, 2006


A Sporting Chancer

Mrs Inquisitor and I sat down with a cup of tea and some custard creams to watch Question Time last night.

It was pleasing to see Nicol Stephen doing his usual impersonation of a block of wood.

Surely infront of a live audience he would not be persuaded towards telling a fib.

But wait, no sooner had the first question been uttered than he was doing his best to lie.

When declaring he and his son would be supporting England, he stated that his son was ten years old and that in his lifetime Scotland had never qualified for a major tournament.

That would include Euro 96 in the year of his birth, and France 98 when he was two then would it Nicol?

Anyone wishing to see this fine performance here's the link. The fib only takes 3 minutes to emerge.

"Hey, look at my record as Enterprise Minister, it's not like I can count."

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hoaxers hoaxed

FibDem Towers does not approve but cannot stop expressing wry smiles at this story...and some musings.

Poor Lord Thurso has been hoaxed after his name was added to an online petition supporting Asda's bid to build a supermarket in Thurso.

His name appeared along with a comment which read: "The area would considerably benefit from this development".

One cannot help imagining the panic that broke out at Lordship central as they thought of all those local shopkeepers they would have to delude into believeing the Fibs were on their side whilst also giving the impression to shoppers and potential staff that they were on their side too.

However one does muse since it is the Fibs. Maybe it was old Thurs who did it then received a backlash so took it off, or maybe one of his own minions did it but then realised the furore they had created and attempted to make out it was a hoax.

Probably none of them but one cannot help's just very difficult to tell who is a FibDem and who isn't.

A Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament

General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett VC KCB DSO

"Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Belts off, trousers down,
Isn't life a scream!"


It couldn't have been summed up better

So we'll just repeat it in full from Kerron Cross's blog:

Why do you take such a dislike of the Lib Dems?

I thought you may ask something along these lines, it’s something I’ve become almost famous for.

The truth is that I find the Lib Dems campaigning style deeply disingenuous, nasty, deliberately misleading, personal and venal. Having been on the receiving end of it, I thought it was a one-off, but then you realise that not only is the behaviour widespread it’s actually condoned and sent out as standard practise by the party.

Every election is a “two-horse race” where “only we can win here”. The ubiquitous bar chart, which is not to scale. Where if no statistics actually support that “only a Lib Dem can win here” so “don’t waste your vote on the Labour/Conservative candidate” then their “private poll shows” that “only we can win here”.

They say anything to anyone on the doorstep – whatever you want to hear. Different policies for different parts of the country – even though any policies they do have are kept deliberately low-key or vague.

But the most annoying thing is the piety of their spokespeople saying that they “hate ya boo politics”, and “mudslinging” and the behaviour of the other 2 parties.

My problem is not so much their negative campaigning, it’s then that they pretend that they do not negatively campaign.

The Lib Dem strategy seems to play well with voters in by-elections when voters are looking for a protest vote, but it is also why are they are thoroughly hated by the other 2 parties – more than the Tories and Labour probably hate each other.

I mean for me, I can disagree with a Tory fundamentally on everything but still respect them as a person and as a politician, but I can’t say the same for most Lib Dems I know. Which reminds me of one of my favourite Lib Dem lines: “Don’t vote for a politician, vote for a Lib Dem” – what does that mean?

Thoroughly horrible and nasty party that deserves to be revealed to the public for what it is.

A Liberal Democrat relaxes at home after a hard day's smiling


'Three Jobs' Campbell's double standards

My thanks to Ed Vaizey MP for pointing this out in a column in the Guardian.

Apparently the Fibs have been running around with their "recycled"* leaflets telling everyone what a rotter the Tory candidate is for having three jobs. Except their own leader is just as much a three job man as the man they seek to traduce (in that usual sanctimonious LibDem style).

However Ed only points out one extra job - on top of Ming being an MP. That being his "occasional practice as Queen's Counsel".

However Ming's entry in the Register of Member's Interests also lists "Fee for speech made near Zurich for the Civil Society Association" under 'Remunerated employment, office, profession etc'.

So when will Ming practice some of that "discipline" he was referring to before? And why has he taken no action against the likes of Pete Dollimore and George Lyon? Is it because like everything the Fibs say it's just based on hot methaneous air?

Watch out! The LibDems are making a triple statement today.

* This has been something myself and others have wondered about. They say it's recycled paper on their cheaply printed papers...but is it? If there is anybody out there who is, or knows, a paper specialist could they find out and pop us a wee email to


Out of touch but, sadly, not out of mind

Ian Dale has posted a heads up on Ming giving an interview to GMTV's Sunday Programme centring around control orders. During the interview his Pontificatetness pontifified:

"It’s one of the great tabloid myths of the United Kingdom that judges are out of touch with public opinion."

Doesn't he even read papers in Scotland anymore? Will it be tabloids like the Scotsman which reported that "a judge sparked outrage yesterday after handing out a three-and-a-half year jail sentence to a banned driver who killed a toddler in her pushchair...The maximum sentence for the offence is 14 years."

A day later they report that "a bank manager who obtained more than £21 million in Scotland's biggest single fraud case has been jailed for ten years...MacKenzie would have been given 15 years in jail had he not pleaded guilty."

Such loyalty to the judiciary, of course, will have nothing to do with Ming being a QC....which raises some interesting questions about what QC means in these circumstances...but it would be too rude to print.

"Excuse me. Could I pop to the lavatory? I might have had a little accident."


Pity those in Bromley...

...who will have cast their votes, or will cast them, for the Fibs in the belief that they are "decent" and "hardworking" bunch of guys.

Just look at the con-trick they've been employing on vandalism:

In this leaflet he's pictured cleaning graffiti off a wall near the LibDem campaign office with the slogan "Crime Action Needed Now. It's time to restore pride." Ben is pictured taking action, proudly. Except he didn't.

An outraged constituent, Jaj, sent these photos to Guido. Full story here.

As Guido writes: "Ben Abbott is a professional liar who works for the grubbiest spin merchants in Westminster - LLM (Lobbying, Lying and Mendacity) - so you would have thought that, as a pro, he would have realised he would be caught out faking photos. He didn't do anything more than don marigolds for the photo op - the graffiti is still there..."

We couldn't possibly comment...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well endowed

Pity Nora Radcliffe MSP. It can't be easy being put on the spot by members of the public, after all they're supposed to buy the lies of the Lib Dems hook line and sinker.

Not one tough cookie, who was spotted giving Nora a hard time over the graduate endowment, the £2,000 payment which is demanded of new graduates and is little more than a back-door tuition fee. Despite the claims from Nora and co. that they have abolished them.

Anyway, the exchange became pretty heated and eventually the young member of the public declared that the Fibs had not abolished tuition fees, as the graduate endowment had to be paid when they left university.

Nora's response?

"So don't leave then."

Perpetual studentdom, a new FibDem policy. Mind you, it would certainly explain their recent u-turn on differential fees. This way they could milk young students for all they are worth.

Nora's policy of smiling and hoping the nasty questions would go away did not seem to be working.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Like ferrets in a sack

FibDems' Aberdeen mole sends us word of acrimonious goings on in the Aberdeen City Council Lib Dem group.

It seems that a number of councillors have become disillusioned with their colleagues and have chosen not to contest the 2007 elections. Among these are such luminaries as Matthew Duncan, who interestingly works for defeated Scottish FibDem leadership contender Mike Rumbles. Perhaps he couldn't stomach working close to Nicol for another term. We can't blame him.

Councillor Duncan also shot to fame for recording a conversation at a civic reception which allegedly revealed a Labour councillor attempting to do dodgy deals. Details can be found here.

Councillor Duncan's decision, however, is not the most intriguing one

That accolade undoubtedly belongs to the party membership who have decided to deselect sitting councillor Karen Freel (Or Feel as she is apparently known in North East circles).

The result of the typical scrap for places when a number of seats held by the party get lumped together one may think, but it has not escaped the attention of our mole that Karen's husband Ian Yuill happens to be a sitting councillor who has not been deselected, and who also happens to be the Deputy Leader of Aberdeen's Lib Dem group.

Oh to be a fly on the wall...


Guess Who?

Word reaches us here at FibDem Towers of a Scottish Lib Dem MP who had to be bailed out at the eleventh hour by one of their political aides when it became clear that the deadline for nominations for the 2005 election was looming, and a deposit had not been tabled.

Said aide had to fork out the cash from their own pocket in order to save their boss from the humiliating experience of being left off the ballot paper in a safe Lib Dem constituency.

We would welcome any guesses which our readers may wish to hazard as to the identity of said MP. In case you are stumped, here's a wee picture clue.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Work & Pensions has been devolved

Well that's what Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions Spokesperson, Danny Alexander MP, appears to be saying.

Appearing at the bottom of his press release attacking our Prime Minister for simply advocating greater voluntary sector involvement in the provision of public services it says: "Applicability: this item refers to England and Wales. Due to devolution, detailed policy may be different in other areas of the UK."

(Readers may remember that it started appearing shortly after FibDems appeared).

However Work and Pensions is not devolved so what is Danny trying to avoid taking responsibility for in his naive Scotland? Is it that the voluntary sector has to appeal for funds from the Scottish Executive in which the FibDems have Ministers?

Could it be that when funding was sought by the Scottish Low Pay Unit from FibDem Minister Nicol Stephen for a Minimum Wage help line he gave them the bum's rush? Yet another brick in Nicol's wall of failure. Does his local Citizens Advice Bureau know? Does Danny's?

And get a better picture Danny...

...know what I mean?

P.S. - And since Danny (a Scottish MP) seems to want to spend his time on issues for England & Wales could anyone from up in his patch look out any old leaflets to see if he made one of those heartfelt commitments to solely stand up for his patch. You can get old Porridge at


Ming the Messiness

Do the Fibs actually know what their policy is on nuclear deterrence? We raised it earlier but wanted to remind folks of what Euan Robson said: "It is worth stating at the outset that nuclear weapons are an evil of our time" he opined.

So evil that Ming wants to, ehm, keep them because "No purpose would be served nor would Britain be made any safer if we were unilaterally to abandon Trident".

I wonder if the Church going know that the nicey-nicey Fibs are attempting to mislead them with talk of "evil" nuclear weapons when they plan to keep this supposed "evil"? Isn't that "evil"?

Maybe Ming needs a makeover since the consensus is that he is pretty useless and weak...


Will-lie scolds Labour for NOT lying

Anyone see Dunfermline by-election fraud winner Will-lie Rennie on Newsnight last night? Have they been reading FibDems and getting a bit concerned about his lack of profile one wonders? Imagine that? The Fibs getting so worried about a blog site that it affects what decisions they make.

I got the impression he was condemning Brown for being so explicit in wanting a nuclear deterrence for the long term. Hmmm, does that mean Will-lie believes he shouldn't be explicit and hide the truth from voters? Silly question when it's the Fibs we're dealing with.

And what was that I heard about him criticising the Prime Minister for pre-empting Parliament and sanctimoniously saying that there should be a debate? Erm, Will-lie he did say that actually. Perhaps you should pay attention at Prime Minister's question time...a bit like Ming:

"The Prime Minister: As I think I said before, there should be the fullest possible debate on the issue."

But since when has the truth ever stopped the Fibs from spreading a good lie about other people's policies and then claiming it was a "mistake"?

"Willie Rennie and the Liberal Democrats fought an entirely fraudulent campaign based on a wholly bogus prospectus."


Charlie Strikes Back

So, Ming may have thought that he got away with it regarding his part in Charlie Kennedy's departure, but he probably didn't bank on Charlie exacting his vengeance quite so soon.

It is little wonder, given Ming's lacklustre performances at PMQs week in, week out, that Charlie is regretting his decision not to contest the leadership.

The question is, will a stalking horse be put up if the Fib Dems continue to flatline electorally?

Rest assured, we're on the case.

No need to cry Charlie, he'll be gone soon enough.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


And he thinks he can be First Minister???

Another classic example of the abysmal Ministerialship responsibilities of Nicol Stephen.

A report by the Scottish Parliament enterprise committee critcised him for creating "the worst of all possible worlds" by overruling Scottish Enterprise's initial plans for a restructuring, resulting in a "confusing compromise" now proposed which, "in an attempt to please everybody, runs the risk of pleasing no-one". The result was a budget deficit of £34 million to which Nicol then gave them £50 million to offset.

Nicol has, of course, fibbed denied the committee's report and said he has full confidence in Scottish Enterprise's Chief Executive for, ermm, blowing £34 million!

God help us if pig's do fly over Holyrood.

Civil Servants decided to go back to basics when writing Nicol's briefs


Nuclear Dumpling

My thanks to MisterInquisitor for pointing out Jo Swinson's appallingly poor question at Prime Minister's question time. It really does give a great opportunity to show another fib from the party that brought you "Nicol Stephen - the next Emperor of the Universe".

It would appear that wur Jo wants to give the impression that the Fibs are impacabbly opposed to nuclear power. Oh really Josephine? Is that why your party in the Scottish Parliament refused to rule out nuclear power and voted against a motion which quoted their own leader's opposition to nuclear power?

Just in case you forgot here's his words from the motion:

"The Liberal Democrats have a tough, clear and consistent position across the UK….We oppose new nuclear power.... the Liberal Democrats remain determined to oppose this year, next year and every year."

Jo was reluctant unfold the rest of the advert for


Is he really proud of wanting to keep Crack Houses open?

Yet another appalling performance from Ming as his party's duplicity humiliated him once more. So good we just thought we'd reprint it in full:
Sir Menzies Campbell (North-East Fife) (LD): Can the Prime Minister recall a time when there was as much acrimony as there is now between the Home Office on the one hand, and the police and judiciary on the other? How is that to be resolved?

The Prime Minister: It is to be resolved, I hope, by meeting the public’s genuine concerns about the shortcomings of the criminal justice system. The right hon. and learned Gentleman asks a general question about the Home Office and judges, but if the public knew the Liberal Democrats’ voting record in this House on law and order policies, they would not give him or his colleagues the time of day on the issue.

Sir Menzies Campbell: I am happy to defend my voting record, and the Prime Minister should defend his, given what he said when he was in opposition. As a result of the events of the past few weeks, is not it clear that we need wholesale reform of the Home Office, including the creation of a separate ministry of justice?

The Prime Minister: No, I do not agree with that at all. The right hon. and learned Gentleman says that he and his colleagues are proud of their voting record, but I should like to see the leaflets that the Liberal Democrats put around during the recent local elections saying how proud they were that they voted against the antisocial behaviour legislation. I want to see the leaflets saying how they also voted against the powers to close crack houses and against the drunk and disorderly provisions. If the right hon. and learned Gentleman shows me those leaflets, I will pay some attention to what he says.
Since there are a number of stories saying how much our Prime Minister is in trouble he must love it when Ming gives him an opprtunity to shine. After a couple of "good" weeks Mings nerves must be at frayable proportions as he now realises the backbenches on all sides were laying off to spring an unexpected ambush. When they strike again as his party's fibs are exposed will worry him awfully. We almost feel for the guy.

But just as a reminder perhaps we should remind folks of the policies Ming is so proud of:


Swinson on a roll

A reader asks if we can include another nugget of brilliance from Ms Swinson, this time aimed at the Secretary of State for Scotland

Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire) (LD): Given that there are 13,000 deaths each year as a result of smoking and many more thousands of people suffer illnesses as a result of the harmful effects of tobacco smoke, does the Secretary of State agree that the smoking ban in public places in Scotland will improve public health and that a healthier work force must therefore be good for the economy?

Mr. Darling: That is a very difficult question, but I think that the answer is yes.

Jo has clearly been taking too many tips from her leader on how to ask difficult questions.

Does the Secretary of State agree with me that bears **** in the woods?


Oh No Jo

Jo Swinson MP, Fib Dem representative for East Dunbartonshire, is on a mission. A mission to see how many useless questions she can ask at Prime Minister's Questions.

Exhibit A:

Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire) (LD): As the Prime Minister says goodbye to his fourth Tory leader, is it not also time to say goodbye to the Punch and Judy style of Prime Minister's questions?

A petty point-scoring effort, of absolutely no use to man nor beast. Raise your game Jo, your constituents didn't elect you to ask these sorts of questions.

And then, just yesterday:

Exhibit B:

Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire) (LD): Does the Prime Minister agree that whatever his Government’s views on nuclear power, it is the Scottish Executive who will decide whether to allow the building of new nuclear power stations in Scotland?

A question asking the Prime Minister to AGREE with her, on an issue which has been public knowledge since before she was elected.

Come on Jo, giving the Prime Minister an easy ride of things is meant to be Ming's job.

Would the Prime Minister agree with me that the clock is ticking on my political career?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Separated at birth?

A reader asks why we have a picture of Little Mo from EastEnders on our blog.

Yes, we see what you mean.

Now the question is, is Julia Goldsworthy fibbing about her acting career or is Kacey Ainsworth fibbing about her political career?

Well since neither have No Basis in Reality as John Barratt moans about I don't think it really matters.


Come on Eileen!

It seems the lack of press interest in what the FibDems had to say about the constitutional position vis-a-vis the Scottish Affairs Committee's report on the West Lothian Question has sprung crack FibDem reaction-commando Eileen McCartin into action.

Writing in the Herald, the Councillor from Paisley boasts: "The Scottish Affairs Committee, and its suggestion for a devolved English parliament, is absolutely right...This is called Liberal Democrat policy, or federalism."

Ex-squeeze me? According to your own party's consultation document your party's policy still remains regional assemblies for England. It does mention in an inexhaustible list of options (Clause 2.0.8) that an English Parliament has been mooted but then goes on to reiterate ways of keeping the regional assemblies option (Clause 2.0.8) .

And is it federalism? Well according to a Stanford Varsity website "Federalism is the theory or advocacy of federal political orders, where final authority is divided between sub-units and a center". Since the Fibs make no mention of dividing final authority between the central government and the assemblies it is not federalism guys. And since the Scottish Parliament has a separate legal system and the Fibs' assemblies won't this is again not a federal system - unless they're going to Balkanise England.

I wonder if Ms McCartin's voters are aware of her duplicity?

Eileen...sounds a bit like "I lying"

P.S. - In 1997 Eileen was the FibDem candidate in the Paisley South by election where the BBC's political correspondent Brian Taylor complained about the use of a picture of him interviewing her in a Lib Dems' election leaflet. The Fibs chief executive refused to do so (well giving voters the impression of media endorsement is what they like to do) and said people could come and see it at their campaign HQ. The Fibs Chief Executive? One Will-lie Rennie.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It wasn't in my agenda! I swear! I would never lie!

The Lib Dems have once again stood up against nuclear dumps in Scotland. It is a very important issue for Lib Dem MP's as 12 of the 21 possible locations for a nuclear dump in Scotland are located in their consituencies. They are: Altnabreac,Ben Armine area, Corrour, Glen Etive, Isle of Rum, Jura, Loch Laxford to Enard Bay, River Strathy, Rogart, Scourie, Shin Forest and South Rona Island.

Not to be outdone Ming wrote to Tony Blair asking about the rising level of waste. Norman Baker MP, was even more assertive in his press release saying "Britain is fast becoming the world’s radioactive dustbin".

Boasting about their environmental commitment in March the Fibs Environment Minister claimed that Blair "now wants to cover Scotland in a blanket of nuclear waste". He then went on to boast in that smug FibDem way that "the fact is that no mainstream political party in Scotland places its commitment to the environment more centrally than the Scottish Liberal Democrats".

Oh, you think so Ross?

So on the ball and commited are your party, they ALL failed to show up for a debate on nuclear waste management in Scotland in the House of Commons. Ahh whoops? I am sure the people living in these consituencies will sleep easy and maybe even aquire a new glow, knowing that their Lib Dem MP's put their interests first.

Ross Finnie - Man of inaction


Stop moaning...

It seems that the Liberals are now telling people to "Stop Moaning" over council tax hikes.

Audrey Findlay, Fib Dem leader of Aberdeenshire Council said of recent 4.5% council tax rises:

"Pay rises in the Aberdeenshire area have averaged 4.75% per annum over the past three years. Thus, council tax increases of 5% per annum have been broadly in line with average earnings."

No mention of the need for the council tax to be abolished. But then, we now know that the Fib Dems don't see this as a priority anymore.

Audrey couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, it's not like her party promised to abolish council tax or anything.

Friday, June 16, 2006


And now...

...for a commercial break

Tavish air regularly flys from Glasgow, Prestwick and Edinburgh airports, to such sunny destinations like Cuba or exotic getaways to Eastern Europe. The deals are so good you might want to keep them secret- even from your boss (he will still get a pensioner's discount).

I wonder if these rendition flights will be subject to the proposed Lib Dem air tax. They wouldn't want to be hurt the environment whilst illegally transporting people to illegal camps.


Tavish (and Nicol) cock up....again

You'd think after Nicol made a fool of himself with grandiose claims and departmental failures, and Tavish has being caught out having partisan ministerial priorities and failing to be on top of his, that both of them might just take their jobs a bit more seriously of late.

Nup. The latest cock up from the dire-namic duo is that they forgot to ensure that the contract for building the Aberdeen by-pass was exempt from VAT thus costing the project several millions. Nicol was of course the past Transport Minister with responsibility for the project and Tavish is the current one.

In true FibDem style they are trying to pass the buck for their utter incompetence. Maybe the folks of Aberdeen need to be told who cocked up and how it is quite a common FibDem trait in power. Just ask the people of Inverclyde.

The Provost finally realised there was a problem when Tavish asked if he could help hitch a lift for him and his female chauffeur.


Top Up Fees Are Good/Bad (delete as applicable) Part Deux

Yet more hypocrisy from the LibDems with a Bromley angle.

You'll know that the Fibs have just gone and broken their promise about not bringing in top-up tuition fees.

This came after Scottish FibDems, and Ming the Merciful in particular, were called on by Scottish students to vote against bringing in variable fees in Scotland.

This came after Ming was in Bromley reiterating his opposition to tuition fees to the editor of the Bromley Times.

Is the editor of the Bromley Times aware that he was being spun a line of bovine manure by Ming? Porridge is on the case.

"Rest assured. Liberal Democrats would never abuse a newspaper's impartiality to try and make out it was backing our party."


Nice jobs if you can get them

An interesting post on Iain Dale's website about more hypocrisy from LibDems in Bromley. It doth makes me think. Art there any Scots Fibs who are similarly encumbered with other interests that may upset their hard work - just like the Tory candidate they traduce in Bromley?

Stupid question really when it's the FibDems we're dealing with.

To quote Bully from Bullseye...In ONE!

George Lyon MSP - His entry in the register of interests lists a remuneration thus: "Formerly a partner (now sole trader) in the firm of A & K Farms. Profit allocation to me was: £19,379 in 2002/03; and £43,569 in 2003/04. Profits were retained by the business to buy out the other partner's share of the business. I drew no personal income from the business (registered 4 November 2005). "

Surely if he is the sole trader then the income does come to an account that will be drawn upon him once he is no longer a Minister...which should have been some time ago but we know how much a disciplinarian Ming is......n't.

It's also interesting to note that "George Lyon is one of a number of MSPs who received subsidies for their farms. A&K Farms, of which the Liberal Democrat MSP for Argyll and Bute is a partner, received nearly £70,000 in subsidies in 2005". I'm also reliably informed that the previous September he made a public call for "an advanced payment of the Single Farm Payment to help farmers", which would have included yours truly.

And it doesn't end there as Georgie Boy "topped the expenses league claiming £67,355.57 in 2004/05"


Jamie Stone MSP - His entry states he is an "Unpaid Director of Highland Fine Houses Ltd".

But also states he has "4,102 £1 shares in Highland Fine Houses Ltd (about 20% of total share capital). Highland Fine Houses Ltd is a property company with assets of approx. 24 acres".

Ehm, right. So whilst being an unpaid Director he still has some financial interests in dividends and property. Or can someone explain the difference to moi?

But there's more (in the words of Jimmy Cricket). He is also an "Unpaid Director of Highland Fine Celtic Foods Ltd".

Now whilst not having any shares in them he does list "2,872 £1 shares" in the similarly named "Highland Fine Cheeses Ltd (about 25% of total share capital)". Maybe his cheeses are not as fine as his Celtic Foods.


Euan Robson MSP - Entry in the register reads: "Sale of book published by Atelier Books, Edinburgh in 1997. Member receives approximately £600 per annum from the sale of the book".

Small beer I know but doth anyone know what the book was?

And in FOUR!

Andrew Arbuckle MSP - who is also a "Councillor, Fife Council. Anticipated that this will account for no more than 20 hours per week. Remuneration between £5,000 - £10,000. As Chair of the Standard and Audit Committee, remuneration £20,000 per annum, resigned as of 25 January. "

Just the type of snide, sneering smear the FibDems are throwing at Bob Neill in Bronley.

When it comes to hypocrit-cant the FibDems win hands down.

There was always a strange whiff similar to
LibDem promises when Bully arrived on the scene

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Top Up Fees Are Good/Bad (delete as applicable)

Today the LibDems in the Scottish Parliamant voted to introduce Top Up Fees in Scottish universities. The Debate was led by the Leader of the Lib Dems in Scotland, Nicol Stephen (below) . See the smug grin? That's how you can spot them.

Just the right time, you would think, for Sarah Teather MP to put out a press release from teh Liberal Democrats saying:

"Today’s twenty- somethings face serious financial problems because of student debt that their parents never encountered. It’s a real worry that debt levels are so huge even before higher fees kick in.

"This should be a timely reminder to politicians who glibly talk about lifing the cap on fees that their policies have serious long term implications for a whole generation’s financial security."



No Basis In Reality

John Barratt. A serious politician. A member of a serious political party.

That's why he's called on ITV and Channel 4 to show less reality TV, and concentrate on the serious issue of the day:

"Too often we see stations opting for lowest common denominator programming with countless reality and TV makeover shows. I simply do not accept that the British public are not interested in issues of a wider global significance."

In fact - he's probably talking about programmes like this one on Channel 4 which contained 'celebrities' like Lib Dem MP Julia Goldsworthy who took part in..........

Oh. Er. Maybe not that serious a party then.


Why so coy Nora?

An interesting menage of photos on the website of Nora Radclife - FibDem MSP for Gordon. Busy, busy, busy with her partners in montage named.

But wait a minute? Who is this nameless fellow in this avian image of joy:

ESCAPE: Ollie the owl could take no more as
they promised to
scrap Council Tax...again

Why, it is none other than former FibDem MSP Keith Raffan who disappeared from public life after some questions about his expenses claims and pension applications.

Tis that why you don't name him Nora and just hope a passing voter thinks it's just "some bloke" who likes owls?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Is a sacking in the offing?

A LibDem Lord writes:

Scottish peers' place at Westminster

Sir - I expect to continue voting on England-only legislation for as long as Scotland is politically dependent on the United Kingdom (leading article, June 7). Government activity anywhere in the country is contributed to by taxpayers in Scotland; no taxation without representation.

Also, the Scottish Parliament is funded as a percentage of government spending in England, via the Barnett formula.

I am keen that my fellow Scots should progress to becoming politically independent of the United Kingdom, ending the Parliamentary Union of 1707 and retaining the Union of the Crowns 1603.

To that purpose, I have introduced the "Scotland (petitions for a referendum on independence) Bill", which would enable the national community of Scotland to seek to end the 1707 union at a time of their own choosing.

Thus the West Lothian Question and part of the English Question could be answered

Earl of Mar and Kellie,
House of Lords
London SW1
This will be the same Earl of Mar & Kellie who is listed on the Fibs very own site as a Lords party spokesman for Scottish Home Office & Legal Affairs and Transport.

More intriguingly he is a whip for the Fibs in the Lords - the very people who are, er, supposed to keep party discipline amongst its members - such as support party policy which is opposed to Scottish independence.

Will Ming take action on this indiscipline against party policy since he has only just said that "the Lib Dems needed a more more credible, disciplined and professional organisation".

So will Ming be as tough as...

Or just be a pair of...


"Only the" Lonely

"Only the Liberal Democrats offer a real alternative - local income tax," said Josephine Swinson last year. It's always "only the Liberal Democrats" even when the truth is it is not.

The truth is that they don't even support their own policy as FibDems pointed out already.

Now we have them backtracking like mad with this little number: "...there are many other things that are higher up the pecking order. It’s not a coalition breaker...I can think of many other things that are of a higher priority for us than scrapping the council tax."

Really? So I take it webpages like this will be withdrawn and we will never again see front pages like this in their leaflets:

I find the line "The Opposition to New Labour in Fife" particularly amusing since this Fife fibber votes with Labour in the Scottish Parliament. Opposition?

Friday, June 09, 2006


Don't want to Crow about it...

...but did anyone see how Michael Crow had to keep looking at his notes when Nicol Stephen again run his "I'm going to be First Minister" line? It felt like Mike was going to burst out laughing at any moment and ask him when he expected to be Prime Minister, UN Secretary General and Queen as well.

But just to recap for Nicol's benefit:

(1) You have failed as a Minister and run some of the most incompetent departments.

(2) Only 7% of Scots think you will make a good First Minister.

(3) Your party may have won Dunfermline but the campaign was exposed as hypocritical, and the winner has disappeared as well as finding himself in a bit of trouble.

(4) Your voted flatlined in the Moray by-election from your 2005 result which you said was your base and collapsed from the poll you published.

(5) Out of 7 local government by-elections in Scotland your party have only won ONE!

(6) Your national leader is universally seen as a lame duck.

(7) In England your party's vote flatlined and even came behind Labour.

(8) Your party is dropping like a stone in UK opinion polls.

(9) Your party is up to its neck in financial scandal.

(10) Your party is well known for telling w-h-o-p-p-e-r-s.

Mike couldn't keep a straight face as he reported on the LibDems
saying the Deathstar Scottish Parliament was now fully operational.


It's all getting very taxing for Ming

My thanks to Guido who couldn't put the latest fib at Ming's tax launch in a better prespective:
Thursday, June 08, 2006
Ming's Speech : Barefaced Quote of the Day

"Just as it is wrong for Labour to be in hock to an improbable alliance of trade unions and millionaires and it is wrong for Conservatives to be in hock to multi-millionaires."

That would be the Ming Campbell of the LibDems who are in hock to Michael Brown for £2.4 million. Michael Brown has been extradited and charged with embezzling the money from HSBC. The Electoral Commission has not ruled out them having to pay it back. Who is really in hock?

But wait! This latest news from Guido today is even more pointed:

Friday, June 09, 2006
Pay £2.4m to the LibDems, Go Directly to Jail
Do Not Pass Go
How unfortunate for the LibDems that their biggest financial supporter could not be with them for their re-launch yesterday. Alas he is being held in Wormwood Scrubs prison on 53 charges and next week Michael Brown faces even more charges. Ming and the LibDems have been implausibly spinning a "it is nothing to do with us guv" line when in fact they are deep in shit. It seems likely they may be the beneficiaries of the proceeds of crime.

Ask yourself, who do you believe - HSBC bank or the LibDems?

That the LibDems are lying about it being nothing to do with them is demonstrated by the fact that the police have now obtained a court order forcing party officials to hand over documents and e-mails regarding the £2.4 million donation received from the jailbird before the general election last year. If they have to repay the cash it will leave each and every LibDem party member liable for £30. Which just goes to show, crime really doesn't pay.

"Now, now Mr Campbell. Turn to your side. As an
advocate you do know how to get your mugshot taken."

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Willie pops out

He’s appeared! If somewhat under circumstances he would rather have avoided.

It would appear that Oor Will-lie may be in a bit of trouble for not declaring an interest as his party’s defence spokesman. According to the Record “he was a top PR man at McEwan Purvis, who represent missile manufacturers Raytheon”.

Apparently is still listed as an account director at McEwan Purvis's website and visited Raytheon's Glenrothes factory shortly after being made party defence spokesman. In a glowing account of the visit posted on the firm's internet site, he said: "Living in Fife I had heard a lot about Raytheon and I was keen to see the factory for myself. Having had the opportunity to visit and meet some of the management team and employees it is easy to understand why the company enjoys such a good reputation both in Fife and further a field.”

The “Control Arms” website also takes a similar interest and says: “More than 40 per cent of the largest 100 defence companies in the world are from the USA. Four of the five top arms companies globally – Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon – are US companies”.

It also has an interesting gallery of FibDems supporting “Control Arms”.

Perhaps we can have a spot the fibber competition to identify which ones really care about it and which ones are trying to play both sides at the same time.

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