Friday, June 16, 2006


Top Up Fees Are Good/Bad (delete as applicable) Part Deux

Yet more hypocrisy from the LibDems with a Bromley angle.

You'll know that the Fibs have just gone and broken their promise about not bringing in top-up tuition fees.

This came after Scottish FibDems, and Ming the Merciful in particular, were called on by Scottish students to vote against bringing in variable fees in Scotland.

This came after Ming was in Bromley reiterating his opposition to tuition fees to the editor of the Bromley Times.

Is the editor of the Bromley Times aware that he was being spun a line of bovine manure by Ming? Porridge is on the case.

"Rest assured. Liberal Democrats would never abuse a newspaper's impartiality to try and make out it was backing our party."

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