Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Daniel in the lying den

Let it not be said that Charles Hawtrey impersonator Danny Alexander goes for the cheap headline grabber. However the FibDem's call for Dawn Primarolo to resign over the Tax Credits mispayments should be seen in terms of what's happening in Scotland.

First we have this hypocrisy over George Lyon's failure to inform thousands of pensioners of the benefits they are entitled to, but there is also the teeny, weeny matter of Scottish Enterprise getting £50million to bail them out whilst NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde face having to cut services to cover a £30million deficit.

And the Minister for Enterprise? Step forward the hapless Nicol Stephen - Scottish FibDem leader.

Maybe Daniel should be asked why he is not asking for the head of Stephen and Lyon for such a "broken system"?

STEPHEN: "Compared to chocolate teapot"


West Lie-ndsey Council

It doesn't take long for the Fibs to be at it so soon after the local elections.

Headlining in the Market Rasen Today we have "Lib Dems accused of double standards" on West Lindsey Council.

We do have to say that "accused" has nothing to do with it since the article shows that they "argued long and loud that it was the interest of the electorate that the chairmanship of the performance management and scrutiny committee should be held by a member of the opposition party". Yet given the opportunity to put this into practice they chose instead to elect "one of their own members to the position."

The only good news for the people of West Lindsey is that FibDems hardly last past one term as the punters boot them out after a dose of their double standards.


For whom the bridge tolls

News just in. The Fibs Scottish Transport Minister has just said the proposed toll review on the Forth and Tay Bridges "will not make its first proposals until the end of 2006".

Well that's nothing new since their hypocrisy on the issue of bridge tolls was already revealed by the Dundee Courier.

But it's a long time since the Fibs fibbed their way to a "win" on this false premise by Will-lie Rennie: "If people vote for me at the polls on Thursday, the £4 toll will be killed off."

That and his petitioners telling people to sign the petition "against bridge tolls" - NB not £4 tolls.

Will-lie was oddly struck dumb as Professor
McTavish turned the lie detector on him

Monday, May 29, 2006


Tangled Webb

Earlier this month Fiberal Democrat Shadow Health Fibber, Steve Webb, blamed the Government for GP underfunding. "It is incredible that the Government should repeatedly blame local NHS managers for funding problems when time and again the Government has failed to assess the full cost of changes," he moaned.

Such a pity he didn't admit that his own party are also responsible for worries about GP numbers in Scotland. David Love, joint chairman of the Scottish General Practitioners Committee, said he was “baffled” at the failure of Scottish Executive ministers to act about a chronic shortage of GPs.

We’ve seen this coming for a long time. We’ve urged the executive to increase the number of GP training places for years. This report confirms our repeated demands were correct,” he said, “Yet the executive continues to set a limit on the number of GP training places that is inadequate. Ministers are procrastinating."

Since it's "for years" that will include several Executive Ministers of a FibDem hue.

Doctor: You were lucky to get an appointment Mrs Smith. I've had twenty parents in already since the LibDems were out leafleting. The squealing will stop in a week.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Mind you Ming...

...I'm not doubting your sincerity about Eric Firth but this little gem from the Guardian Diary has been sent to me:

Special congratulations to the Liberal Democrats, finally, who waited several hours after news of Robin Cook's untimely death before updating their website to remind readers of their prospective parliamentary candidate for his Livingston seat. Charles Dundas lists his interests as "genealogy, local history, debating, cinema, literature, computers". He is 28.

That will be the same Charles Dundas who is Iain Smith's Constituency Aide - Iain Smith who is the MSP for North East Fife. The same Charles Dundas who works part-time for the local Liberal Democrat Association. In a constituency office shared with the MP for North East Fife, Sir Menzies Campbell.

Will it also be the same Charles Dundas quoted in the Herald as buying two internet domain names for Menzies Campbell several weeks before Charles Kennedy resigned? An article where he is described as an "election agent" and working "in Sir Menzies's constituency office". Where he said:

" mid-December, with all the Kennedy rumours and Ming's high-profile rating, Ming's office in London rang to say we should probably buy up the other domain names involving Ming." ...

Asked what he meant by the mid-December Kennedy rumours, Mr Dundas added: "There were complaints about Kennedy's leadership and Ming had been cornered in a corridor and asked if he gave Kennedy his full support."

So why wasn't Ming publicly "furious" with Charles?

Careful Mr Kennedy. I wouldn't have your back to
those two with all the knife crime going on.


For 'Evan's Sake Get Your Lines Straight

Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris is getting very vexed about rendition flights and says: "There has been strong and unanimous criticism of the Government's inaction over the question of the alleged rendition flights. It is clear that the Government must take action to investigate these allegations urgently."

Could I suggest he just tap his leader on the shoulder, or failing that Danny Alexander, and ask them to "take action" and ask their colleagues in the Scottish Parliament to "investigate these allegations urgently"?

After all Danny should be aware as he was at a public meeting in Inverness where he said there was a "very good case" for the Scottish Executive to order an inquiry since scores of alleged flights have passed through Scottish airports which come directly under the control of FibDem Transport Minister Tavish Scott.

Despite holding this position, the Fibs have done nothing in Scotland.

Danny Alexander auditions for the part the late Charles
Hawtrey would have played in "Carry on Torturing"


Welcome to our fibbing viewers

Are the Fibs reading FibDems? One wonders if they are since this disclaimer appears at the bottom of a press release by someone called Nick Clegg:

Applicability: this item refers to England and Wales. Due to devolution, detailed policy may be different in other areas of the UK.

Using devolution as a reason for fibbing is a bit of a stretch because it only begs further questions since the disclaimer at the bottom of Ming's "tuff on crime" etc etc statement reads:

Applicability: this item refers to the UK.

Which is interesting since he has the cheek to criticise Labour: "Labour has put more people in prison but then let more of them out not because they deserve early release but because of overcrowding. This is not being tough on crime. This is mismanagement and inadequacy."

We know people are making jokes about his age but surely even he hasn't forgotten that his very own Scottish party has responsibility for prisons in Scotland and a former Justice Minister was a one Jim Wallace MSP - leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. A role which has come into sharp focus since he was in charge during the Shirley McKie "cock up" and has seen the following reports about Scotland being labelled "the most violent country in the developed world".

"Nothing to do with me guv. I was
only Justice Minister at the time."


With thanks to Iain Dale's blog for pointing out two fibs behind Ming's "tuff on crime" spin. Not only does he not have the authority to make this policy (it's up to the party's conference) but since the European Court has ruled that votes cannot be taken away from prisoners he's just playing at being "tuff" and hopes the voters buy it.

Mind you since the Electoral Commission has released a statement that the Fibs' £2.4 million from Michael Brown may be subject to further ruling on its propriety the Fibs may be the ones getting "tuffed" on by the Old Bill.


Still fibbing on pensioners

The out of depth Jo Swinson has been having a go at Her Majesty's Government over their pensions policy by saying: "Scottish pensioners currently fail to claim the means-tested benefits to which they are entitled and these proposals will do nothing to reduce that figure."

However it was only two weeks ago that FibDems revealed that the responsibility for this lay with one of her own colleagues.

Trying to fool the old folk of East Dunbartonshire are we Jo?

"That's the bus to Scotland over there dear. Get on it and
sort out the mess you say you've made up there


FibDem Fly Past

One wonders if the FibDems English Transport spokesperson (Scottish FibDem Alistair Carmichael) is actually up to speed on his brief or actually hoping that his constituents don't notice the threat his party poses to flights to Orkney and Shetland.

Waxing lyrically on his party's fibsite he says: "A 40% reduction in air fares is a substantial achievement for Tavish Scott and his colleagues in the Scottish Executive for which they are to be congratulated. It will make a major difference to local businesses and families. "

We take it "his colleagues" refers to his Labour coalition partners who would be far more active on this policy since they have the marginal Western Isles to think about. Nevertheless one has to ask about the "difference" his own party's policy of higher taxes on flights would have on "businesses and families" on Orkney and Shetland?

After all it was his own boss who gave the green light for tax on cheap flights.

"We've got to be honest enough to say to people", opined Mr Crooked Mouth, "cheap flights come at a cost far greater than what you actually pay for them."

FibDem Environment fibsman Chris Huhne has duly delivered with a policy of a raising taxes on flights.

"Sorry I'm late, my plane had to refuel at Newcastle."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


However...why is George Lyon still a Minister?

Maybe that's a question the "furious" Ming should be asked. After all this is the man who was caught out being "petty and mean-spirited" as he tried to block a parliamentary tribute to veteran Scottish Nationalist Margaret Ewing. Apparently he even wanted an investigation into the leak!

So why does such a person remain a Minister in the Executive which must inevitably mean he has the support of his fellow MSPs and his Scottish leader Nichol Stephen. It also begs the question of whether the robust responses shown to Hughes and Dollimore will be shown towards one of their people with far more power?

"No Mr Lyon. Like the others I don't
want to be in your company either


I believe Ming

Okay, call me soft but I believe Ming when he said on the death of Eric Forth that: "Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time".

However that "our" must be taken as a personal or family one since it doesn't seem to extend to his party as he "furiously condemned Pete Dollimore, chairman of the London region campaign, who e-mailed LibDem colleagues before Mr Forth's funeral urging them to descend on the Bromley and Chislehurst constituency in anticipation of a by-election."

Nevertheless we do wonder if any action will be taken against Mr Dollimore considering that Jenny Tonge's sympathy for suicide bombers didn't prevent her elevation to the House of Lords.

"Three! Yes that's right. Three. That's the
number of people I can trust in my party

Monday, May 15, 2006


The indignity of it all

FibDem Pensions Spokesman, Lord Oakeshott has been waxing forth that half of all pensioners face the indignity of means testing.

Hang on a minute, what's this? Figures show 218,429 pensioners across Scotland are missing out on benefits averaging £540 a year.

And when David Davidson MSP asked the Scottish Executive on 9 September 2005 if it had any plans to introduce a deferred payment scheme in respect of council tax for pensioners he was told they had none.

He was also advised that for those on lower incomes, a comprehensive council tax benefit system is available.

That'll be the "indignity" of means tested council tax benefit according to the Minister who didn't want to defer payments then? Yes, a FibDem one at that. George Lyon MSP.

LYON: Undignified

Friday, May 12, 2006


A bit rich (and being extradited)

Is it not a bit rich for the FibDem Spokeswoman for International Development, Baroness Northover, to say: "The millions of people who joined Make Poverty History last year want to know that British companies working overseas are not damaging the environment or harming communities in which they work."

Well some of us on that march also want to know why you are keeping money from a man which is claimed by others and from a man whom a charity believes "is owed £350,000 by [the] millionaire money-laundering suspect".

Is that not "harming communities"? Or is financial harm to the FibDems more important to deal with?


Waiting for some honesty

FibDem Health Spokesman Steve Webb MP thinks the Government isn't doing enough about mental health and says: "We urgently need an audit of the state of mental health services, as well as a clear plan to tackle the worsening situation."

Could his lack of any concrete suggestions, bar blaming the Government for some cheap headline grabbing, be something to do with the fact that his own party has no idea either. After all they are in Government in Scotland where "[t]housands of children in Scotland are treated by a GP for depression every year, and the number is rising, official figures show".

Is he perhaps hoping that the press in England don't notice his own party's "nonsense" on waiting times north of the border where they are in Government and where "patients are waiting up to 20 hours? for treatment at accident and emergency departments"?

Dentist: "A quick cut there and you'll have a
lovely forked tongue like Mr Webb here

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Euan something evil mate?

Sometimes I wonder if the LibDems fib so much that they become delusional and don't even notice the glaring contradictions they are spouting.

The latest example is Euan Robson who contradicts himself in the same statement!

He starts off with this emphatic line: "It is worth stating at the outset that nuclear weapons are an evil of our time."

Evil? Well that must mean you would never use them then?

But he continues: "I am pleased today to set out the Liberal Democrat approach to nuclear disarmament."

Pleased? Why? It's contradictory fibbery. It's like saying I'm pleased to announce tonight's microwave meal...but I digress.

He goes on: "In the 2005 UK General Election, Liberal Democrats reaffirmed our long-standing commitment to work for the elimination of nuclear weapons on a multi-lateral basis, whilst retaining the UK's current minimum nuclear deterrent until progress has been made to this end."

Okay, these things are evil but they'll keep them as long as others have them and since they believe they are a deterrent that means they will use them. Isn't that evil Euan?

But it get's worse: "In conclusion the Liberal Democrat view is that the case still has to be made by the UK government for a replacement system."

A case still has to be made? I thought they were evil. Now he's saying that he could be convinced to replace the current evil system and have a new evil system.

Doesn't it all mean that along with their fibbing they are also evil? Or is it a case that they hope the anti-nuke lobby think they are anti-bomb because it's evil whilst they can tell the armchair generals that they are hard on defence?

"After Michael Brown the LibDems were
relieved to find a new sponsor."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006



Well hasn't "the Man who would be Ming", Chris Huhne to the rest of us, been busy about the "scandal" of payments to farmers being delayed - especially small farmers. As he said the delays had caused "considerable hardship for many thousands of small farmers".

It's all a bit similar to the complaints made by small farmers and crofters in Scotland where the complaint is that "[e]nvironmentally damaging farms along the east coast get up to 10 times more government cash than wildlife- friendly farms in the northwest".

And who is the person responsible for this situation? Ross Finnie - FibDem MSP for the West of Scotland.

Farmer: "Yeah mate, I know it smells but this
is really where milk comes from


The £2.4 million question

Do you believe Ming in yesterday's Indy?:

"Will you be repaying Michael Brown's £2.4m donation to your party?" - JULIETTE BAKER, TRURO

"The donation was accepted in good faith and spent on the purposes for which it was given. Michael Brown did not ask for and did not receive any preferment in return. The Electoral Commission has said that we were entitled to receive it. " - MING

NB: "Spent" - Past Tense.

Or do you believe Ming's deputy Vincent Cable in the Herald of 29 April:

"As I understand it, the position on that large donation is that it was accepted in good faith, it was cleared by the Electoral Commission as entirely proper and it's being used productively and I don't think there's any further question over it."

NB: "being used" - Present Tense.

So which fibber is fibbing? Ming Statler or Waldorf Cable

Monday, May 08, 2006


Quick off the M-Iraq

Nick Harvey was quick off the mark to put a statement out when the latest tragedy occurred in Iraq.

After all with a relatively disappointing election result the issue of Iraq is one that they are strong on. Or are they?

According to their 2005 manifesto: "The Liberal Democrats took a principled stand before the Iraq war."

And their website says: "The Liberal Democrats strongly opposed the Government's decision to go to war in Iraq."

Invariably the word "consistent" is thrown about for good measure in the hope that voters believe this puff.

And Ming has been consistently statesmanlike when saying things like this: "The facts are undeniable. We were taken to war on a flawed prospectus. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There was no serious and current threat, no real and present danger that could justify a war of self defence under international law or the UN Charter. " - Observer, April 24, 2005

Hardly consistent with these remarks seven months earlier: "We can all agree...that Saddam Hussein...most certainly has chemical and biological weapons and is working towards a nuclear capability. The dossier contains confirmation of information that we either knew or most certainly should have been willing to assume." - Hansard, September 24, 2004

And not even Charles Kennedy can claim consistency as the then leader. On September 15 2002, the Scottish Sunday Mail reported a survey of all Scottish MPs which asked the question: "Do you agree with US and British military intervention in Iraq with the current evidence available?"

He was one of only four MPs who refused to comment and give their opinion on the war.

As the Green Party have pointed out the LibDem's supposedly principled opposition to the Iraq war did not manifest itself until the last minute, when the Stop The War demonstrations were gathering support and, presumably, when they calculated there were votes to be won in being anti-war.

"A prawn Kennedy, a pickled Ming and two Hughes, wait a
minute...I got confused because everyone keeps mentioning the war."


Hughes that telling fibs?

Why it's Simon of course in the latest Fibbery to blow out their less-than-startling chest of local elections results.

According to Simon: "...last week we were second in the popular share of the local government vote for only the second time in our history - and with 27% of support equalled our previous best ever results."

And I'm afraid many people will believe this tosh based on early projections of results before all the votes were in.

However Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher of the University of Plymouth's Elections Centre have a more exact figure: "Labour, contrary to initial readings, scraped in second on 26%, while Sir Menzies Campbell’s Liberal Democrats were on 25%."

So who would you believe? The statistically obssessed academics or "the Third Man"?

"Simon says...believe that..."


Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route Fiasco

Are the Fib Dems really in favour of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route or is Tavish Scott's decision to create a bastardised route, which was never consulted upon an attempt to put a halt to this much needed by-pass?

Nicol Stephen's feeble wailings that he knew nothing about Tavish's plans are risible and I am sure that Aberdonians will make Nicol and his fellow Fibs pay for this political fudge.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


How long before Lord Rennard goes?

It must have been embarrassing for Ming when he went to Richmond to “celebrate” a great night as all around the Borough Fibbers were falling like nine pins.

But I would be more embarrassed about his reaction to the results. Trying to get in on a little local difficulty for Labour he said: “...this Government has suffered a permanent loss of credibility... [Blair’s] Government now seems to lurch from one crisis to the next. Until he is clear about his own departure date, there is no reason to believe this pattern will end."


Maybe he should be talking to Lord Rennard who was getting really excited on 1st May about the Fibs chances when he said: "Whilst support for the Tories has been dropping every month this year, it has been rising for the Liberal Democrats every month. It's the Lib Dems who are the real alternative to Labour."

Er, no they ain’t Chris. To paraphrase your dear leader: “...your party has suffered a permanent loss of credibility... [Lord Rennard's] tactics now seems to lurch from one crisis to the next. Until he is clear about his own departure date, there is no reason to believe this pattern will end."

(By the way it is interesting to note that Rennard is French for fox – the cunning animal. Reminds me of Blackadder when Baldrick says “I have a cunning plan M’Lord”. Do you think they are related?)

LORD RENNARD: "Inveterate fibber & clueless fantasist?"



Fibs play politics with road safety

Another example of FibDem double standards and abuse of power.

The Moray by-election. Was it shear concidence on the day that Tavish Scott, LibDem Transport Minister, was making a visit north that the other parties' posters were removed by the trunk road authority? Was it also a coincidence that the previous rules which allowed them to be displayed along trunk roads had been mysteriously changed by order of the Executive?

Tavish didn't think so and sniffily told the Press & Journal: "Road safety is not something we play politics with."


Is that why the Fibs then went on to illegally put posters along the verge of the A96?

Are the car keys in the other hand?


New LibDem Poster

Now that would be...honest. So no chance of the Fibbers using it.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Webb of deceit

What's this? The FibDems complaining about the under-funding of the new GP contracts and blaming the Government?

Well you are right Mr Webb...particularly in Scotland where the BMA say: "A major concern in Scotland has been the practice by some NHS boards of trying to limit discretionary payments for locums covering maternity, paternity and adoption leave in order to meet budgetary pressures in other areas of the contract and primary medical services."

And even today he is taking a pop at the "Government" over hidden NHS job cuts. Whilst north of the Border "Cottage hospitals in Jedburgh and Coldstream are being recommended for closure by NHS Borders".

That'll all be because the NHS Boards are appointed by the Government Mr Webb. Like the Government in Scotland. The Labour and Liberal Democrat one. Whoops found out again. And a day on when everything was going so swimmingly...badly.

Let us pray...the voters don't notice


"Utter stupidity and ignorance"

I'll let Angela speak for herself about the FibDems' less than green credentials.

The Northern Scot

What a load of rubbish

Madam, - Last week I phoned the Conservatives and the Lib Dems to ask them to stop sending us any more waste paper. Both agreed. One week on we have received yet more, and so I phoned them both again.

I am now absolutely stunned by the complete and utter stupidity and ignorance of the Lib-Dem man who answered the phone. He said they couldn't stop sending it out (the electoral role sends it out apparently, isn't that just a list of names?) and if we didn't want to read it we could just throw it away. Arg!

What about the trees man? We have signed up to the 'mail preference service' (www. mpsonline. org. uk) which works in conjunction with the 'direct marketing association' to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail we receive. I wondered what the Lib Dems and Conservatives thought about unsolicited mail and so visited their web-sites.

The Conservatives seem to think they are going green, but don't mention mail at all. The Lib-Dems have many statistics about junk mail but my favourite item is a quote from Norman Baker (Lib Dem Shadow Environment Secretary) in February this year: "The constant bombarding of homes with offers and promotions resulted in 21 billion pieces of paper through letterboxes in the last year alone.

People have the right to say no to unwanted mail .

Lock them all up and let them sew mail bags to keep all the rubbish in.

- Yours etc,

Angela Mitchell

What with £2.4 million in question your wish may become true Angela.


Put Minging Crooked Mouth on the spot

Congratulations to the Independent newspaper for allowing people to put Ming on the spot:

The Independent
Questions please ...

... for Sir Menzies Campbell

Do you have a question you'd like us to put to the Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell? This would be for an interview as part of our regular " You Ask The Questions" series. Please e-mail

But where can one start considering their High Rise block shopping list of hypocrisy?

Dear Ming, is it any coincidence that your surname is Gaelic for "crooked mouth" and your party speak with forked tongue on council tax, roads, infinitum...


Ming must GO!


The fruits of lying (with thanks to the Liberal Democrat Focus Editors for inspiration)...

"Local Liberal Democrats took a backward step losing their two seats" Croydon Guardian

"The third party, the Liberal Democrats, failed to move forward" BBC News

"The Liberal Democrats have failed to make much headway"

"The Liberal Democrats, who were hoping to take over the reigns at Sheffield Council for the first time since 2002, failed to gain any seats from Labour" Sheffield Today

"The Liberal Democrats have made little headway"

"The Liberal Democrats lost Islington to no overall control"

"The Liberal Democrats appeared to have had an indifferent night" Guardian

"The sex scandal involving Lib Dem MP Mark Oaten is blamed for Winchester falling into Tory hands" BBC News

"The Liberal Democrats saw their position virtually unchanged" ePolitix

"Britain's third party, the Liberal Democrats did not do as well as they had hoped"

"Liberal Democrats, under their new leader, Menzies Campbell, have made little headway"

"In the Conservative landslide, Labour lost nine seats, and the Liberal Democrats lost six" This Is Hertfordshire

"Liberal Democrat hopes of winning Manchester from Labour are left in ruins as they lose four seats" BBC News


"The party ... made three gains in Liverpool, giving the ruling Liberal Democrats a bloody nose" ic Liverpool

"...the Liberal Democrats stay on 10" ic Coventry

"Liberal Democrats have carved out a niche in politics as the party par excellence of local government, but the 2006 results put this into question" Guardian Unlimited

"Liberal Democrats, predicted by many to be the main challengers, had a disastrous night compared to their expectations, ending up with four councillors" BBC News

"Liberal Democrats failed to make predicted advances, gaining less than 20 councillors" Journal of Turkish Weekly

"The party took six seats from the Liberal Democrats" Bromley News Shopper

"The Liberal Democrats also suffered from the Tory tide sweeping the borough. Their candidates came last in 13 of the 18 wards they contested" Bexley News Shopper

"Labour is back in Bolton after a victorious night at the polls which left the Liberal Democrats in tatters" This Is Lancashire

"The Liberal Democrats lost one seat reducing them to 10" ic SurreyOnline

"A quick review of the parties shows it has been a poor night for the Liberal Democrats" Edinburgh Evening News

"Mark Bennett ... got 1,725 votes to gain one of Labour’s 37 seats on the council, therefore removing the ruling Liberal Democrats from office"

"Labour gained two seats, while the Liberal Democrats lost two" Hartlepool Mail

" was also a bad result for the Liberal Democrats" Scotsman

"The Liberal Democrats failed to make any gains" Redditch Standard

"As for the Liberal Democrats, their support remains largely unchanged. What does it mean for them? Do they have the wrong leader? Are their policies unclear?" Daily Telegraph

"Local Liberal Democrats took a backward step losing their two seats" This Is Hertfordshire

"...impressive results for the Green Party and the failure of the Liberal Democrats to break through in Graveney" Wandsworth Borough Guardian

"But it has been a bad night for the Liberal Democrats - they have failed to make any significant headway under new leader Menzies Campbell"

"In Milton Keynes, the Liberal Democrats lost to no overall control, losing four seats to the Conservatives"

"Three seats came at the expense of the Labour Party. The other two came from the Liberal Democrats" This is Wiltshire

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Pot, kettle, black

Hilarious! School debate champion Jo Swinson has called for the same advertising controls on political parties that everyone else has to be subject to.

In a debate in Westminster Hall she said: "We should also consider the importance of advertising restrictions, which already govern radio and television advertising, keeping up with new and increasingly used forms of media such as billboards."

Is this the same party which just a few weeks ago was printing "bogus endorsement quotes in their "Moray Times", publishing madey up polls as if they are real, and telling voters one thing whilst doing another thing in power.

Surely Jo would not be part of this cynical local campaigning style whilst her party is doing the exact opposite in power in Edinburgh? Would she...?

Oh Jo...what a let down.


PFI - bad for England but meanwhile in Scotland...

According to Ming and the Norfolk Fiberal Demoncats the use of PFI to build local hospitals is "a scandalous case of private profit at the expense of patient care".

So how come in Scotland (where Ming happens to be an MP if he forgot) his buddy Nicol Stephen is complicit in supporting this "scandalous" policy in the Scottish Executive?

Well go on Ming? Explain that one to us mere mortals?

Same country...two faces


Fibbers To Support Nuclear Power?

Lib Dems in Holyrood today failed to vote for their own party's policy of opposing nuclear power in a debate brought by the Scottish Green Party.

Despite claiming to oppose new nuclear plants in Scotland at their last conference, the FibDems voted against the motion today.

If they can't vote for their own policies, who else will?


Lib Dem Forth tolls ‘hypocrisy ’ revealed

Today's Courier reports - shock horror - that "the Hypocrisy of sucessive Liberal Democrat Scottish Transport Ministers over the controversial issue of congestion charging is revealed today".

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Deceiving English Voters

Pity the poor voters of England going to the polls tomorrow who seriously believe the FibDems are passionate about scrapping the council tax.

They ain't. Particularly if it means losing Ministerial Mondeos.

In October 2004 Charles Kennedy's was flustered on the Jonathan Dimbleby Show when challenged by a member of the audience about the Lib Dems coalition with Labour in Scotland and how they had voted against the Council Tax.

Kennedy seemed rather put out by the Council Tax comment and said that he "didn't know" what the guy was talking about on the Council Tax and that the position is the same in Scotland as in England. Oh really? Well, here's their position in England as articulated by the FibDems own website:
"As Liberal Democrats, we have campaigned to replace Council Tax with a fairer system ever since we were formed - firstly as a replacement for the rates, then for the Poll Tax, and now to replace Council Tax. We're nothing if not consistent!"

And the petition to John Prescott states:
"The Council Tax is an unfair tax, based simply on outdated valuations of property and with no link to ability to pay. It should be scrapped and replaced with a system based on people's ability to pay."

So far, so good (though the "we're nothing if not consistent" line is typical FibDemmery ego massaging). But can you guess what happened in Scotland when this motion was proposed by the Scottish Socialist Party:
"That the Parliament agrees that the council tax should be abolished and replaced with an income-based alternative."

That's right, it's almost the same wording as the Axe The Tax petition. So what did the Lib Dems do? They not only voted against it but it was a Lib Dem Executive Minster, Tavish Scott, who tabled and led in the debate on opposing the SSP motion.

So Kennedy (and now Ming) are either lying or don't know what's going on in their own country as far as the party's stance on the Council Tax goes. So which is it from the party of honesty?

"Nothing if not consistent"? Well, nothing it is.


They really don't like it up 'em

The delusional (or is that mendacious) blog of former Holyrood FibDem Communications Officer Alex Cole Hamilton has some hilarious entries running up to the Moray poll of how it was "too close to call" - 27% actually - but one entry in particular by a Fib shows how much they can't see the media storm coming towards them:

Moray Result

Libertarian Liberal Says:
May 1st, 2006

The Northern Scot editor is going to rue the day she crossed the Liberal Democrats with her utterly biased reporting.

I believe that Chris is looking at making a strong complaint to the PCC and is making representations to many key members there.

It is also my impression that Nicol and Tavish are looking at how departmental advertising can bypass this rag so that its owners will eventually see sense and take appropriate action when advertising revenues fall.

Surely shum mishtake Libertarian? Are you seriously suggesting your Executive Ministers are going to abuse their power and withdraw publicly paid advertising because your own party was exposed for deceit?

Word of advice. Admit your sins, clean up your act, and say sorry. Considering the whirlwind you have created within the wider journalistic community about your behaviour it's good advice. Don't pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.


Will Ming get porridge before Tony?

Thank God for Her Majesty's armed forces and their down to earth humour. The Army Rumour Service website (ARRSE) sets up an election poster competition every election and has come up with this cracker:

But surely the honest, upstanding, squeaky clean LibDems could not be faced with allegations of reset? Why not? The £2.4 million in question is being claimed by four investors who want it back.

The FibDem's Treasury spokesperson said on GMTV it was their's by law (never mind it may belong to other people and dishonestly gained) and said "it's being used productively".

I take it by "productively" he means a stack of lies, innuendo, fake polls and bogus quotes that litter their sanctimonious literature.

There are other posters lampooning the FibDems on ARRSE but a family site like this can't post them. But you can visit them here.


Local Election Leaflet

With thanks to Guido!


Lib Dem Polling

For those of you who followed the Moray SP by-election, you may be familiar with the Lib Dem opinion polls. In leaflet after glossy leaflet they claimed to be polling 32%, very close to the SNP's 35%. Then, on the eve of poll they 'surged' ahead to 33%...'its going to be close'. Boy was it ever!

I have two theories. One is that the Lib Dem support somehow collapsed on the day of polling, bleeding an incredible 14% on the day. Or, more plausible, that they just totally made the whole thing up, followed no regular polling standards, and LIED TO THE PEOPLE OF MORAY.

What do you think the scenario was?

I have also noticed these 'real polls' popping up in local election leaflets as well...

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