Friday, May 05, 2006


Ming must GO!


The fruits of lying (with thanks to the Liberal Democrat Focus Editors for inspiration)...

"Local Liberal Democrats took a backward step losing their two seats" Croydon Guardian

"The third party, the Liberal Democrats, failed to move forward" BBC News

"The Liberal Democrats have failed to make much headway"

"The Liberal Democrats, who were hoping to take over the reigns at Sheffield Council for the first time since 2002, failed to gain any seats from Labour" Sheffield Today

"The Liberal Democrats have made little headway"

"The Liberal Democrats lost Islington to no overall control"

"The Liberal Democrats appeared to have had an indifferent night" Guardian

"The sex scandal involving Lib Dem MP Mark Oaten is blamed for Winchester falling into Tory hands" BBC News

"The Liberal Democrats saw their position virtually unchanged" ePolitix

"Britain's third party, the Liberal Democrats did not do as well as they had hoped"

"Liberal Democrats, under their new leader, Menzies Campbell, have made little headway"

"In the Conservative landslide, Labour lost nine seats, and the Liberal Democrats lost six" This Is Hertfordshire

"Liberal Democrat hopes of winning Manchester from Labour are left in ruins as they lose four seats" BBC News


"The party ... made three gains in Liverpool, giving the ruling Liberal Democrats a bloody nose" ic Liverpool

"...the Liberal Democrats stay on 10" ic Coventry

"Liberal Democrats have carved out a niche in politics as the party par excellence of local government, but the 2006 results put this into question" Guardian Unlimited

"Liberal Democrats, predicted by many to be the main challengers, had a disastrous night compared to their expectations, ending up with four councillors" BBC News

"Liberal Democrats failed to make predicted advances, gaining less than 20 councillors" Journal of Turkish Weekly

"The party took six seats from the Liberal Democrats" Bromley News Shopper

"The Liberal Democrats also suffered from the Tory tide sweeping the borough. Their candidates came last in 13 of the 18 wards they contested" Bexley News Shopper

"Labour is back in Bolton after a victorious night at the polls which left the Liberal Democrats in tatters" This Is Lancashire

"The Liberal Democrats lost one seat reducing them to 10" ic SurreyOnline

"A quick review of the parties shows it has been a poor night for the Liberal Democrats" Edinburgh Evening News

"Mark Bennett ... got 1,725 votes to gain one of Labour’s 37 seats on the council, therefore removing the ruling Liberal Democrats from office"

"Labour gained two seats, while the Liberal Democrats lost two" Hartlepool Mail

" was also a bad result for the Liberal Democrats" Scotsman

"The Liberal Democrats failed to make any gains" Redditch Standard

"As for the Liberal Democrats, their support remains largely unchanged. What does it mean for them? Do they have the wrong leader? Are their policies unclear?" Daily Telegraph

"Local Liberal Democrats took a backward step losing their two seats" This Is Hertfordshire

"...impressive results for the Green Party and the failure of the Liberal Democrats to break through in Graveney" Wandsworth Borough Guardian

"But it has been a bad night for the Liberal Democrats - they have failed to make any significant headway under new leader Menzies Campbell"

"In Milton Keynes, the Liberal Democrats lost to no overall control, losing four seats to the Conservatives"

"Three seats came at the expense of the Labour Party. The other two came from the Liberal Democrats" This is Wiltshire

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