Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Daniel in the lying den

Let it not be said that Charles Hawtrey impersonator Danny Alexander goes for the cheap headline grabber. However the FibDem's call for Dawn Primarolo to resign over the Tax Credits mispayments should be seen in terms of what's happening in Scotland.

First we have this hypocrisy over George Lyon's failure to inform thousands of pensioners of the benefits they are entitled to, but there is also the teeny, weeny matter of Scottish Enterprise getting £50million to bail them out whilst NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde face having to cut services to cover a £30million deficit.

And the Minister for Enterprise? Step forward the hapless Nicol Stephen - Scottish FibDem leader.

Maybe Daniel should be asked why he is not asking for the head of Stephen and Lyon for such a "broken system"?

STEPHEN: "Compared to chocolate teapot"

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