Saturday, May 27, 2006


Mind you Ming...

...I'm not doubting your sincerity about Eric Firth but this little gem from the Guardian Diary has been sent to me:

Special congratulations to the Liberal Democrats, finally, who waited several hours after news of Robin Cook's untimely death before updating their website to remind readers of their prospective parliamentary candidate for his Livingston seat. Charles Dundas lists his interests as "genealogy, local history, debating, cinema, literature, computers". He is 28.

That will be the same Charles Dundas who is Iain Smith's Constituency Aide - Iain Smith who is the MSP for North East Fife. The same Charles Dundas who works part-time for the local Liberal Democrat Association. In a constituency office shared with the MP for North East Fife, Sir Menzies Campbell.

Will it also be the same Charles Dundas quoted in the Herald as buying two internet domain names for Menzies Campbell several weeks before Charles Kennedy resigned? An article where he is described as an "election agent" and working "in Sir Menzies's constituency office". Where he said:

" mid-December, with all the Kennedy rumours and Ming's high-profile rating, Ming's office in London rang to say we should probably buy up the other domain names involving Ming." ...

Asked what he meant by the mid-December Kennedy rumours, Mr Dundas added: "There were complaints about Kennedy's leadership and Ming had been cornered in a corridor and asked if he gave Kennedy his full support."

So why wasn't Ming publicly "furious" with Charles?

Careful Mr Kennedy. I wouldn't have your back to
those two with all the knife crime going on.

just found your website today. it samazing - how do you find the time with all the LibDem lies going on?! do you think they are going to drop the local income tax? those hints are very strong?
keep up the good work
The key fact about Charles Dundas is his quote live on BBC Reporting Scotland during the by-election. When asked about the LibDems local income tax hitting voters - he said "a fireman and a nurse are not an average family - they are a rich couple who can afford to pay more" - you couldn't make it up!
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