Saturday, May 27, 2006


Welcome to our fibbing viewers

Are the Fibs reading FibDems? One wonders if they are since this disclaimer appears at the bottom of a press release by someone called Nick Clegg:

Applicability: this item refers to England and Wales. Due to devolution, detailed policy may be different in other areas of the UK.

Using devolution as a reason for fibbing is a bit of a stretch because it only begs further questions since the disclaimer at the bottom of Ming's "tuff on crime" etc etc statement reads:

Applicability: this item refers to the UK.

Which is interesting since he has the cheek to criticise Labour: "Labour has put more people in prison but then let more of them out not because they deserve early release but because of overcrowding. This is not being tough on crime. This is mismanagement and inadequacy."

We know people are making jokes about his age but surely even he hasn't forgotten that his very own Scottish party has responsibility for prisons in Scotland and a former Justice Minister was a one Jim Wallace MSP - leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. A role which has come into sharp focus since he was in charge during the Shirley McKie "cock up" and has seen the following reports about Scotland being labelled "the most violent country in the developed world".

"Nothing to do with me guv. I was
only Justice Minister at the time."


With thanks to Iain Dale's blog for pointing out two fibs behind Ming's "tuff on crime" spin. Not only does he not have the authority to make this policy (it's up to the party's conference) but since the European Court has ruled that votes cannot be taken away from prisoners he's just playing at being "tuff" and hopes the voters buy it.

Mind you since the Electoral Commission has released a statement that the Fibs' £2.4 million from Michael Brown may be subject to further ruling on its propriety the Fibs may be the ones getting "tuffed" on by the Old Bill.

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