Friday, May 05, 2006


"Utter stupidity and ignorance"

I'll let Angela speak for herself about the FibDems' less than green credentials.

The Northern Scot

What a load of rubbish

Madam, - Last week I phoned the Conservatives and the Lib Dems to ask them to stop sending us any more waste paper. Both agreed. One week on we have received yet more, and so I phoned them both again.

I am now absolutely stunned by the complete and utter stupidity and ignorance of the Lib-Dem man who answered the phone. He said they couldn't stop sending it out (the electoral role sends it out apparently, isn't that just a list of names?) and if we didn't want to read it we could just throw it away. Arg!

What about the trees man? We have signed up to the 'mail preference service' (www. mpsonline. org. uk) which works in conjunction with the 'direct marketing association' to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail we receive. I wondered what the Lib Dems and Conservatives thought about unsolicited mail and so visited their web-sites.

The Conservatives seem to think they are going green, but don't mention mail at all. The Lib-Dems have many statistics about junk mail but my favourite item is a quote from Norman Baker (Lib Dem Shadow Environment Secretary) in February this year: "The constant bombarding of homes with offers and promotions resulted in 21 billion pieces of paper through letterboxes in the last year alone.

People have the right to say no to unwanted mail .

Lock them all up and let them sew mail bags to keep all the rubbish in.

- Yours etc,

Angela Mitchell

What with £2.4 million in question your wish may become true Angela.

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