Saturday, May 27, 2006


FibDem Fly Past

One wonders if the FibDems English Transport spokesperson (Scottish FibDem Alistair Carmichael) is actually up to speed on his brief or actually hoping that his constituents don't notice the threat his party poses to flights to Orkney and Shetland.

Waxing lyrically on his party's fibsite he says: "A 40% reduction in air fares is a substantial achievement for Tavish Scott and his colleagues in the Scottish Executive for which they are to be congratulated. It will make a major difference to local businesses and families. "

We take it "his colleagues" refers to his Labour coalition partners who would be far more active on this policy since they have the marginal Western Isles to think about. Nevertheless one has to ask about the "difference" his own party's policy of higher taxes on flights would have on "businesses and families" on Orkney and Shetland?

After all it was his own boss who gave the green light for tax on cheap flights.

"We've got to be honest enough to say to people", opined Mr Crooked Mouth, "cheap flights come at a cost far greater than what you actually pay for them."

FibDem Environment fibsman Chris Huhne has duly delivered with a policy of a raising taxes on flights.

"Sorry I'm late, my plane had to refuel at Newcastle."

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