Saturday, May 27, 2006


For 'Evan's Sake Get Your Lines Straight

Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris is getting very vexed about rendition flights and says: "There has been strong and unanimous criticism of the Government's inaction over the question of the alleged rendition flights. It is clear that the Government must take action to investigate these allegations urgently."

Could I suggest he just tap his leader on the shoulder, or failing that Danny Alexander, and ask them to "take action" and ask their colleagues in the Scottish Parliament to "investigate these allegations urgently"?

After all Danny should be aware as he was at a public meeting in Inverness where he said there was a "very good case" for the Scottish Executive to order an inquiry since scores of alleged flights have passed through Scottish airports which come directly under the control of FibDem Transport Minister Tavish Scott.

Despite holding this position, the Fibs have done nothing in Scotland.

Danny Alexander auditions for the part the late Charles
Hawtrey would have played in "Carry on Torturing"

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