Monday, May 08, 2006


Hughes that telling fibs?

Why it's Simon of course in the latest Fibbery to blow out their less-than-startling chest of local elections results.

According to Simon: "...last week we were second in the popular share of the local government vote for only the second time in our history - and with 27% of support equalled our previous best ever results."

And I'm afraid many people will believe this tosh based on early projections of results before all the votes were in.

However Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher of the University of Plymouth's Elections Centre have a more exact figure: "Labour, contrary to initial readings, scraped in second on 26%, while Sir Menzies Campbellā€™s Liberal Democrats were on 25%."

So who would you believe? The statistically obssessed academics or "the Third Man"?

"Simon says...believe that..."

Simple Simon and his fellow Fibs obviously cannot even handle basic arithmetic. This comes as no surprise as anyone who has ever scrutinised a Fib Dem controlled Council Budget will know that this arithmetical blunder is not a one off!
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