Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The £2.4 million question

Do you believe Ming in yesterday's Indy?:

"Will you be repaying Michael Brown's £2.4m donation to your party?" - JULIETTE BAKER, TRURO

"The donation was accepted in good faith and spent on the purposes for which it was given. Michael Brown did not ask for and did not receive any preferment in return. The Electoral Commission has said that we were entitled to receive it. " - MING

NB: "Spent" - Past Tense.

Or do you believe Ming's deputy Vincent Cable in the Herald of 29 April:

"As I understand it, the position on that large donation is that it was accepted in good faith, it was cleared by the Electoral Commission as entirely proper and it's being used productively and I don't think there's any further question over it."

NB: "being used" - Present Tense.

So which fibber is fibbing? Ming Statler or Waldorf Cable

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