Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Will Ming get porridge before Tony?

Thank God for Her Majesty's armed forces and their down to earth humour. The Army Rumour Service website (ARRSE) sets up an election poster competition every election and has come up with this cracker:

But surely the honest, upstanding, squeaky clean LibDems could not be faced with allegations of reset? Why not? The £2.4 million in question is being claimed by four investors who want it back.

The FibDem's Treasury spokesperson said on GMTV it was their's by law (never mind it may belong to other people and dishonestly gained) and said "it's being used productively".

I take it by "productively" he means a stack of lies, innuendo, fake polls and bogus quotes that litter their sanctimonious literature.

There are other posters lampooning the FibDems on ARRSE but a family site like this can't post them. But you can visit them here.

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