Friday, May 05, 2006


Webb of deceit

What's this? The FibDems complaining about the under-funding of the new GP contracts and blaming the Government?

Well you are right Mr Webb...particularly in Scotland where the BMA say: "A major concern in Scotland has been the practice by some NHS boards of trying to limit discretionary payments for locums covering maternity, paternity and adoption leave in order to meet budgetary pressures in other areas of the contract and primary medical services."

And even today he is taking a pop at the "Government" over hidden NHS job cuts. Whilst north of the Border "Cottage hospitals in Jedburgh and Coldstream are being recommended for closure by NHS Borders".

That'll all be because the NHS Boards are appointed by the Government Mr Webb. Like the Government in Scotland. The Labour and Liberal Democrat one. Whoops found out again. And a day on when everything was going so swimmingly...badly.

Let us pray...the voters don't notice

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