Friday, May 12, 2006


Waiting for some honesty

FibDem Health Spokesman Steve Webb MP thinks the Government isn't doing enough about mental health and says: "We urgently need an audit of the state of mental health services, as well as a clear plan to tackle the worsening situation."

Could his lack of any concrete suggestions, bar blaming the Government for some cheap headline grabbing, be something to do with the fact that his own party has no idea either. After all they are in Government in Scotland where "[t]housands of children in Scotland are treated by a GP for depression every year, and the number is rising, official figures show".

Is he perhaps hoping that the press in England don't notice his own party's "nonsense" on waiting times north of the border where they are in Government and where "patients are waiting up to 20 hours? for treatment at accident and emergency departments"?

Dentist: "A quick cut there and you'll have a
lovely forked tongue like Mr Webb here

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