Monday, May 29, 2006


Tangled Webb

Earlier this month Fiberal Democrat Shadow Health Fibber, Steve Webb, blamed the Government for GP underfunding. "It is incredible that the Government should repeatedly blame local NHS managers for funding problems when time and again the Government has failed to assess the full cost of changes," he moaned.

Such a pity he didn't admit that his own party are also responsible for worries about GP numbers in Scotland. David Love, joint chairman of the Scottish General Practitioners Committee, said he was “baffled” at the failure of Scottish Executive ministers to act about a chronic shortage of GPs.

We’ve seen this coming for a long time. We’ve urged the executive to increase the number of GP training places for years. This report confirms our repeated demands were correct,” he said, “Yet the executive continues to set a limit on the number of GP training places that is inadequate. Ministers are procrastinating."

Since it's "for years" that will include several Executive Ministers of a FibDem hue.

Doctor: You were lucky to get an appointment Mrs Smith. I've had twenty parents in already since the LibDems were out leafleting. The squealing will stop in a week.

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