Friday, June 09, 2006


It's all getting very taxing for Ming

My thanks to Guido who couldn't put the latest fib at Ming's tax launch in a better prespective:
Thursday, June 08, 2006
Ming's Speech : Barefaced Quote of the Day

"Just as it is wrong for Labour to be in hock to an improbable alliance of trade unions and millionaires and it is wrong for Conservatives to be in hock to multi-millionaires."

That would be the Ming Campbell of the LibDems who are in hock to Michael Brown for £2.4 million. Michael Brown has been extradited and charged with embezzling the money from HSBC. The Electoral Commission has not ruled out them having to pay it back. Who is really in hock?

But wait! This latest news from Guido today is even more pointed:

Friday, June 09, 2006
Pay £2.4m to the LibDems, Go Directly to Jail
Do Not Pass Go
How unfortunate for the LibDems that their biggest financial supporter could not be with them for their re-launch yesterday. Alas he is being held in Wormwood Scrubs prison on 53 charges and next week Michael Brown faces even more charges. Ming and the LibDems have been implausibly spinning a "it is nothing to do with us guv" line when in fact they are deep in shit. It seems likely they may be the beneficiaries of the proceeds of crime.

Ask yourself, who do you believe - HSBC bank or the LibDems?

That the LibDems are lying about it being nothing to do with them is demonstrated by the fact that the police have now obtained a court order forcing party officials to hand over documents and e-mails regarding the £2.4 million donation received from the jailbird before the general election last year. If they have to repay the cash it will leave each and every LibDem party member liable for £30. Which just goes to show, crime really doesn't pay.

"Now, now Mr Campbell. Turn to your side. As an
advocate you do know how to get your mugshot taken."

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