Friday, June 02, 2006


Making a difference?

Apologies but we seemed to have missed this example of FibDem ineptitude and deceit in the face of their claims of "making a difference".

The executive's Transport Scotland agency has revealed that there is no record of when the proposed route for the road, controversially announced last December, was first considered.

It has also confirmed there are no minutes or formal agenda for a meeting that current Transport Minister Tavish Scott held with officials just over two weeks before the preferred route was announced.

Would you trust a party who made such important decisions with such devil may careness?

But we did enjoy this comment from Jimmy Neep of Mintlaw:

£3 per car toll? Absolute nonsense. I have heard on good authority that Mr Scott has listened to roadsense and realised that the bypass is not needed. So, to encourage traffic he is proposing to introduce a contra-toll where vehicles will stop at booths and receive £3.00 for using the road. This will be funded by installing wind turbines on the central reservation. Lets just stick to the facts.

"Och don't bother taking minutes. I've got a better suggestion..."

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