Friday, June 16, 2006


Nice jobs if you can get them

An interesting post on Iain Dale's website about more hypocrisy from LibDems in Bromley. It doth makes me think. Art there any Scots Fibs who are similarly encumbered with other interests that may upset their hard work - just like the Tory candidate they traduce in Bromley?

Stupid question really when it's the FibDems we're dealing with.

To quote Bully from Bullseye...In ONE!

George Lyon MSP - His entry in the register of interests lists a remuneration thus: "Formerly a partner (now sole trader) in the firm of A & K Farms. Profit allocation to me was: £19,379 in 2002/03; and £43,569 in 2003/04. Profits were retained by the business to buy out the other partner's share of the business. I drew no personal income from the business (registered 4 November 2005). "

Surely if he is the sole trader then the income does come to an account that will be drawn upon him once he is no longer a Minister...which should have been some time ago but we know how much a disciplinarian Ming is......n't.

It's also interesting to note that "George Lyon is one of a number of MSPs who received subsidies for their farms. A&K Farms, of which the Liberal Democrat MSP for Argyll and Bute is a partner, received nearly £70,000 in subsidies in 2005". I'm also reliably informed that the previous September he made a public call for "an advanced payment of the Single Farm Payment to help farmers", which would have included yours truly.

And it doesn't end there as Georgie Boy "topped the expenses league claiming £67,355.57 in 2004/05"


Jamie Stone MSP - His entry states he is an "Unpaid Director of Highland Fine Houses Ltd".

But also states he has "4,102 £1 shares in Highland Fine Houses Ltd (about 20% of total share capital). Highland Fine Houses Ltd is a property company with assets of approx. 24 acres".

Ehm, right. So whilst being an unpaid Director he still has some financial interests in dividends and property. Or can someone explain the difference to moi?

But there's more (in the words of Jimmy Cricket). He is also an "Unpaid Director of Highland Fine Celtic Foods Ltd".

Now whilst not having any shares in them he does list "2,872 £1 shares" in the similarly named "Highland Fine Cheeses Ltd (about 25% of total share capital)". Maybe his cheeses are not as fine as his Celtic Foods.


Euan Robson MSP - Entry in the register reads: "Sale of book published by Atelier Books, Edinburgh in 1997. Member receives approximately £600 per annum from the sale of the book".

Small beer I know but doth anyone know what the book was?

And in FOUR!

Andrew Arbuckle MSP - who is also a "Councillor, Fife Council. Anticipated that this will account for no more than 20 hours per week. Remuneration between £5,000 - £10,000. As Chair of the Standard and Audit Committee, remuneration £20,000 per annum, resigned as of 25 January. "

Just the type of snide, sneering smear the FibDems are throwing at Bob Neill in Bronley.

When it comes to hypocrit-cant the FibDems win hands down.

There was always a strange whiff similar to
LibDem promises when Bully arrived on the scene

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