Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Is a sacking in the offing?

A LibDem Lord writes:

Scottish peers' place at Westminster

Sir - I expect to continue voting on England-only legislation for as long as Scotland is politically dependent on the United Kingdom (leading article, June 7). Government activity anywhere in the country is contributed to by taxpayers in Scotland; no taxation without representation.

Also, the Scottish Parliament is funded as a percentage of government spending in England, via the Barnett formula.

I am keen that my fellow Scots should progress to becoming politically independent of the United Kingdom, ending the Parliamentary Union of 1707 and retaining the Union of the Crowns 1603.

To that purpose, I have introduced the "Scotland (petitions for a referendum on independence) Bill", which would enable the national community of Scotland to seek to end the 1707 union at a time of their own choosing.

Thus the West Lothian Question and part of the English Question could be answered

Earl of Mar and Kellie,
House of Lords
London SW1
This will be the same Earl of Mar & Kellie who is listed on the Fibs very own site as a Lords party spokesman for Scottish Home Office & Legal Affairs and Transport.

More intriguingly he is a whip for the Fibs in the Lords - the very people who are, er, supposed to keep party discipline amongst its members - such as support party policy which is opposed to Scottish independence.

Will Ming take action on this indiscipline against party policy since he has only just said that "the Lib Dems needed a more more credible, disciplined and professional organisation".

So will Ming be as tough as...

Or just be a pair of...

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