Thursday, June 22, 2006


And he thinks he can be First Minister???

Another classic example of the abysmal Ministerialship responsibilities of Nicol Stephen.

A report by the Scottish Parliament enterprise committee critcised him for creating "the worst of all possible worlds" by overruling Scottish Enterprise's initial plans for a restructuring, resulting in a "confusing compromise" now proposed which, "in an attempt to please everybody, runs the risk of pleasing no-one". The result was a budget deficit of £34 million to which Nicol then gave them £50 million to offset.

Nicol has, of course, fibbed denied the committee's report and said he has full confidence in Scottish Enterprise's Chief Executive for, ermm, blowing £34 million!

God help us if pig's do fly over Holyrood.

Civil Servants decided to go back to basics when writing Nicol's briefs

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