Monday, June 26, 2006


Like ferrets in a sack

FibDems' Aberdeen mole sends us word of acrimonious goings on in the Aberdeen City Council Lib Dem group.

It seems that a number of councillors have become disillusioned with their colleagues and have chosen not to contest the 2007 elections. Among these are such luminaries as Matthew Duncan, who interestingly works for defeated Scottish FibDem leadership contender Mike Rumbles. Perhaps he couldn't stomach working close to Nicol for another term. We can't blame him.

Councillor Duncan also shot to fame for recording a conversation at a civic reception which allegedly revealed a Labour councillor attempting to do dodgy deals. Details can be found here.

Councillor Duncan's decision, however, is not the most intriguing one

That accolade undoubtedly belongs to the party membership who have decided to deselect sitting councillor Karen Freel (Or Feel as she is apparently known in North East circles).

The result of the typical scrap for places when a number of seats held by the party get lumped together one may think, but it has not escaped the attention of our mole that Karen's husband Ian Yuill happens to be a sitting councillor who has not been deselected, and who also happens to be the Deputy Leader of Aberdeen's Lib Dem group.

Oh to be a fly on the wall...

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