Thursday, June 22, 2006


Nuclear Dumpling

My thanks to MisterInquisitor for pointing out Jo Swinson's appallingly poor question at Prime Minister's question time. It really does give a great opportunity to show another fib from the party that brought you "Nicol Stephen - the next Emperor of the Universe".

It would appear that wur Jo wants to give the impression that the Fibs are impacabbly opposed to nuclear power. Oh really Josephine? Is that why your party in the Scottish Parliament refused to rule out nuclear power and voted against a motion which quoted their own leader's opposition to nuclear power?

Just in case you forgot here's his words from the motion:

"The Liberal Democrats have a tough, clear and consistent position across the UK….We oppose new nuclear power.... the Liberal Democrats remain determined to oppose this year, next year and every year."

Jo was reluctant unfold the rest of the advert for

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