Friday, June 09, 2006


Don't want to Crow about it...

...but did anyone see how Michael Crow had to keep looking at his notes when Nicol Stephen again run his "I'm going to be First Minister" line? It felt like Mike was going to burst out laughing at any moment and ask him when he expected to be Prime Minister, UN Secretary General and Queen as well.

But just to recap for Nicol's benefit:

(1) You have failed as a Minister and run some of the most incompetent departments.

(2) Only 7% of Scots think you will make a good First Minister.

(3) Your party may have won Dunfermline but the campaign was exposed as hypocritical, and the winner has disappeared as well as finding himself in a bit of trouble.

(4) Your voted flatlined in the Moray by-election from your 2005 result which you said was your base and collapsed from the poll you published.

(5) Out of 7 local government by-elections in Scotland your party have only won ONE!

(6) Your national leader is universally seen as a lame duck.

(7) In England your party's vote flatlined and even came behind Labour.

(8) Your party is dropping like a stone in UK opinion polls.

(9) Your party is up to its neck in financial scandal.

(10) Your party is well known for telling w-h-o-p-p-e-r-s.

Mike couldn't keep a straight face as he reported on the LibDems
saying the Deathstar Scottish Parliament was now fully operational.

Just don't mention the Dunfermeline by election ever. Oh and the fact that the lib dems are forcing through top up fees in Scotland.
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