Tuesday, June 13, 2006


"Only the" Lonely

"Only the Liberal Democrats offer a real alternative - local income tax," said Josephine Swinson last year. It's always "only the Liberal Democrats" even when the truth is it is not.

The truth is that they don't even support their own policy as FibDems pointed out already.

Now we have them backtracking like mad with this little number: "...there are many other things that are higher up the pecking order. It’s not a coalition breaker...I can think of many other things that are of a higher priority for us than scrapping the council tax."

Really? So I take it webpages like this will be withdrawn and we will never again see front pages like this in their leaflets:

I find the line "The Opposition to New Labour in Fife" particularly amusing since this Fife fibber votes with Labour in the Scottish Parliament. Opposition?

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