Thursday, June 29, 2006


Pity those in Bromley...

...who will have cast their votes, or will cast them, for the Fibs in the belief that they are "decent" and "hardworking" bunch of guys.

Just look at the con-trick they've been employing on vandalism:

In this leaflet he's pictured cleaning graffiti off a wall near the LibDem campaign office with the slogan "Crime Action Needed Now. It's time to restore pride." Ben is pictured taking action, proudly. Except he didn't.

An outraged constituent, Jaj, sent these photos to Guido. Full story here.

As Guido writes: "Ben Abbott is a professional liar who works for the grubbiest spin merchants in Westminster - LLM (Lobbying, Lying and Mendacity) - so you would have thought that, as a pro, he would have realised he would be caught out faking photos. He didn't do anything more than don marigolds for the photo op - the graffiti is still there..."

We couldn't possibly comment...

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