Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well endowed

Pity Nora Radcliffe MSP. It can't be easy being put on the spot by members of the public, after all they're supposed to buy the lies of the Lib Dems hook line and sinker.

Not one tough cookie, who was spotted giving Nora a hard time over the graduate endowment, the £2,000 payment which is demanded of new graduates and is little more than a back-door tuition fee. Despite the claims from Nora and co. that they have abolished them.

Anyway, the exchange became pretty heated and eventually the young member of the public declared that the Fibs had not abolished tuition fees, as the graduate endowment had to be paid when they left university.

Nora's response?

"So don't leave then."

Perpetual studentdom, a new FibDem policy. Mind you, it would certainly explain their recent u-turn on differential fees. This way they could milk young students for all they are worth.

Nora's policy of smiling and hoping the nasty questions would go away did not seem to be working.

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