Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It wasn't in my agenda! I swear! I would never lie!

The Lib Dems have once again stood up against nuclear dumps in Scotland. It is a very important issue for Lib Dem MP's as 12 of the 21 possible locations for a nuclear dump in Scotland are located in their consituencies. They are: Altnabreac,Ben Armine area, Corrour, Glen Etive, Isle of Rum, Jura, Loch Laxford to Enard Bay, River Strathy, Rogart, Scourie, Shin Forest and South Rona Island.

Not to be outdone Ming wrote to Tony Blair asking about the rising level of waste. Norman Baker MP, was even more assertive in his press release saying "Britain is fast becoming the world’s radioactive dustbin".

Boasting about their environmental commitment in March the Fibs Environment Minister claimed that Blair "now wants to cover Scotland in a blanket of nuclear waste". He then went on to boast in that smug FibDem way that "the fact is that no mainstream political party in Scotland places its commitment to the environment more centrally than the Scottish Liberal Democrats".

Oh, you think so Ross?

So on the ball and commited are your party, they ALL failed to show up for a debate on nuclear waste management in Scotland in the House of Commons. Ahh whoops? I am sure the people living in these consituencies will sleep easy and maybe even aquire a new glow, knowing that their Lib Dem MP's put their interests first.

Ross Finnie - Man of inaction

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