Thursday, June 29, 2006


Hoaxers hoaxed

FibDem Towers does not approve but cannot stop expressing wry smiles at this story...and some musings.

Poor Lord Thurso has been hoaxed after his name was added to an online petition supporting Asda's bid to build a supermarket in Thurso.

His name appeared along with a comment which read: "The area would considerably benefit from this development".

One cannot help imagining the panic that broke out at Lordship central as they thought of all those local shopkeepers they would have to delude into believeing the Fibs were on their side whilst also giving the impression to shoppers and potential staff that they were on their side too.

However one does muse since it is the Fibs. Maybe it was old Thurs who did it then received a backlash so took it off, or maybe one of his own minions did it but then realised the furore they had created and attempted to make out it was a hoax.

Probably none of them but one cannot help's just very difficult to tell who is a FibDem and who isn't.

A Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament

General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett VC KCB DSO

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Gently down the stream
Belts off, trousers down,
Isn't life a scream!"

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