Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Mr 33%

Charles Dundas, erstwhile Livingston Fib Dem candidate, occasionally mediocre press officer and all-round political chancer, has been revealed as the man behind the spectacularly awful Fib Dem campaign in Moray.

Not only did old Chuck produce an out of the blue opinion poll claiming that Linda Gorn was sat on around 32% support in advance of the poll, but he then managed to find an extra 1% for the polling day newspaper which they delivered round the doors.

MisterInquisitor is just back from a long lunch with a freelance journo who called Charles after the result where the Libs took 19% of the vote, down 14% on their predictions.

Charles apparently informed said journalist that the 33% figure was based on a very small sample of 600 people, and an election involves so many more people than that.

Basically, to translate for our viewers "We made it up guv".

It is clear that voters and the media are getting wise to the tactics of the Libs, and Charles had better be careful in future as it is clear his card is well and truly marked after Moray.

"I'll just sweep my crap performance in Moray under the carpet and maybe nobody will notice."

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