Thursday, July 13, 2006


Squealing with Delight - The Freitag Method

Many faithful readers may wonder where Squealer got his name.

While we all know that the Libdems do not have a normal sense of right and wrong, this goes far beyond even the most perverse conception of what is unacceptable. In an official, hilariously named leaflet, 'Winning Elections' the Libdems note, 'Some of the most reliable and useful Liberal Democrat deliverers are children...make sure their parents understand your needs, and that the children are observing them'.

Ahh excuse me? I was unaware child-slave labour was legal in the UK. How about the Libdems recongize the 'needs' of children to not be abused as a cheap tool of a dirty party.

But it gets worse. The leaflet describes the 'Freitag Method' which consists of, 'going into the middle of a council estate with your leaflets and you shout at all the local kids you can see and hear, 'any of you lot want to help deliver these leaflets?'. Then proceed Pied Piper like round the estate doling out badges and toffees and leaflets, the last at least to be pushed through doors by the shouting, squealing and quarrelsome hord'.

Where I come from people who hand out candy to kids to get them to do things are sick and creepy. Simple as that. Parents, lock up your children when the lib dem leaflet man comes to town! Catcher in the Rye more like Libdems in the Lie!

In his memoirs Piper regretted working for the Lib Dems

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