Thursday, July 13, 2006


Advancing the cause of women, or not...

An interesting letter in today's Dundee Courier, which we reproduce below.
Lib Dems not so egalitarian?

Sir,—Though the Scottish parliament is often criticised, one aspect shines. The better working conditions and less adversarial atmosphere than Westminster has encouraged more women to become MSPs. There are, proportionally, nearly double the number with 39% of MSPs being female, compared to 21% of MPs.

Every party has made strides in encouraging female candidates. There is one, surprising, exception, the Liberal Democrats. They have only two female MSPs out of the 17, some 12%. In Westminster, 14% of their MPs are female. Can it be true that this, often painfully, liberal party is not as egalitarian as it makes out?

If I was a female Lib Dem member or voter I would certainly be asking some questions.

Jeff Todd.Daisy Cottage,Yeaman
We here at Fib Dem Towers would never consider using female representation for the sake of a cheap joke, we feel the above letter raises a significant question, and we would be delighted to hear from any Lib Dems, particularly those of the female persuasion, who can explain this anomaly.

EDIT - It seems that the Fawcett Society was warning in 2004 of the Lib Dems' poor record on female representation. Did the report fall on deaf ears in the 2005 election?

Also, Sandra Gidley, the then Shadow Womens Minister, was criticising Labour over female representation issues in 2003. Did she bother to check her party's record?

Why would a Fibber bother checking facts? The lack of Wo-Fibs is replicated at a local level too although their bizzare "zipping" at Euro Elections did ensure that some pretty second-rate (sorry, fourth-rate)Wo-Fibs made it to Brussels.
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