Thursday, July 20, 2006


Some House of Common Sense

My little eagle eyed friend has sent me another example of fibdemery getting its due comeuppance in the Houses of Parliament. Only yesterday they were pontificating about how bad audiology services were being run by the Government. Thank God this little act of crocodile concerned tears was exposed. Old Porridge may not agree with the duo's politics (at least they have them) but did enjoy what seems like a sensible ceasefire when it comes to the Fibs trying to escape the responsibilities of Government in Scotland:
Angus Robertson (Moray, Scottish National Party): This is an important issue for people throughout the UK. What is the Minister doing to establish best practice between the UK Government and devolved Administrations? Does he agree that it is strange to hear oppositionist tones from the Liberal Democrats on this subject when in Scotland, they are in government?

Ivan Lewis (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department of Health): Frankly, I am not surprised to hear that the Liberal Democrats are saying one thing in Scotland and something entirely different in England. In my experience in my constituency, they say one thing in one ward and something else in a neighbouring ward.
So a round of applause to Messers Robertson and Lewis for showing the Lobby what a bunch of chancers the Fibs are.

"Sorry, I still can't hear you above the din of my sanctimonious cant."

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