Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Mister Inquisitor has found numerous e-mails from people who are now a little more wise to the stance of the Fib Dems on Lanarkshire health issues. We're always happy to hear from people who wish to report local chancers. is the place to go.

Word also reaches us from the harsh, frozen North East of Scotland of an interesting scenario being played out.

Local Aberdeenshire Councillor Alison McInnes, whose ward is in the Gordon constituency, has decided she will not be standing for the council again in 2007.

This, on the face of it, seems barely newsworthy.

Look a little deeper, however, and it all becomes clear.

You see, Cllr McInnes is 3rd on the Lib Dem Regional List for the Scottish Parliament in the North East, behind Nicol Stephen and Mike Rumbles.

In order to obtain a place in parliament, however, she would require the Libs to lose a constituency seat in order to open up a list place.

Since Mike and Nicol are both ahead of her in the pecking order, that leaves only one option for her to get into Parliament. Nora Radcliffe to lose Gordon.

So, local councillor gets a high list ranking, needs her local MSP to lose in order to get the list place, and chooses to show her confidence in said MSP by standing down from council in preparation for becoming a list MSP.

With friends like these Nora...

Some of Nora's colleagues decided telling her to get on her bike wasn't enough of a hint...

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