Tuesday, August 29, 2006


When in a hole...

It is usually a good idea to stop digging.

Not our new friend Bernie Hughes, though.

Having been caught trying to blame the entire Lanarkshire health fiasco on Labour he tried to wriggle free by saying the following:

There is no formal position of collective responsibility. There is a statement of the "determination of two parties to work together"and "we are determined, together, to improve public services and tackle the real issues that matter to people in Scotland". But it seems to me that the enforced closure of A&E units against the wishes of everyone bar the health board contradicts this explicitly.There are 3 LibDem Ministers, and 2 deputy ministers in the coalition. None of these have responsibility for health.

Which I am sure will come as a surprise to those who drafted the Ministerial Code, which clearly states:

Collective Responsibility

2.2 The Executive operates on the basis of collective responsibility. The internal processes through which a decision has been made should not be disclosed. Decisions reached by the Executive are binding on all its members. Ministers are required to abide by them and defend them as necessary.

Perhaps you should just throw the spade away Bernie?

is this LibDem candidate for real? is it not time Nicol Stephen showed some leadership and acted like a proper party rather than a pressure group saying one thing one side of the country and anything they want to say at the other side??
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