Monday, September 18, 2006


SHOCK! LibDem MEP admits Fibbery

Yellow Peril says:
When even Lib Dems say this, what is the point of Yellow Peril?

Graham Watson, the leader of Liberal Democrats and allied groups in the European Parliament, said that the party had relied on populist gimmicks for too long and failed to put forward a coherent policy agenda.

It will no longer be credible for Liberal Democrats to appeal for votes, as so often we do, on the basis that we would be better managers,” he said. “It will no longer be credible to campaign, as sometimes we do, on a disparate series of populist gimmicks.

Our party has been guilty of such populism at all levels of government. Other parties can repair cracked paving stones or improve local eyesores as well as we can, and campaign on a platform of doing so just as effectively.”
Hopefully the message of Yellow Peril and FibDems is getting through to the likes of Mr Watson and the pangs of guilt are itching. We may have to accord him a special dispensation.

Graham had second thoughts when the Priest was sent round to give the holy dispensation

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