Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Brass neck of the month

Goes to Danny "Charles Hawtrey" Alexander with this little number in response to David Cameron's announcement on work for the disabled:

The Liberal Democrats' disability spokesman, Danny Alexander, said that it was "high time David Cameron stopped offering platitudes on disability issues, and started offering policy solutions".

Yes, I know. We found it amusing ourselves. Pot, kettle and black and all that.

However how are Danny's colleagues in the Scottish Assembly faring since they like to boast about being in government? The Scotsman reports:

Equality campaigners say proposals for a Scottish Commission for Human Rights (SCHR) will offer less protection to Scots than to people south of the Border.

Porridge already has images on Lib Dem MSPs briefing disability groups with "platitudes" about their opposition whilst planning to vote to keep themselves in Mondeos, sorry, office.

Even Batman has to battle the Lib Dems

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