Tuesday, October 03, 2006



Yet more "amusing" postcard fun from those jovial Lib Dem types.

Not content with poking fun at the President of the USA, while at the same time meeting his brother for a smiling photo opp, they have now come up with this little nugget on Tony Blair's plans to introduce greater checks on small children to ensure they are not conditioned toward anti-social behaviour.


We confess to being at a loss at what they are trying to get at here.

Are they suggesting that mothers in poor communities are so negligent that they smoke while pregnant?

Are they implying that poor background individuals are incapable of talking in proper English?

Are they suggesting that somehow the less advantaged communities lack the pride to clean their streets properly?

Either way, we doubt very many people would find this funny given that it depicts a pair of women from a low socio-economic background smoking while pregnant, dressed like chavs, on a litter-strewn street.

We're certain that it will go down a scream in urban communities when they see how the Lib Dems like to characterise them.

Ha ha ha.

Clearly the cartoon is having a dig, rightly or wrongly, at Tony Blair's exhortation to identify potential problem children at a young age.

The cartoon says nothing about social classes or anything of the kind.

You have looked and it and made assumptions.

You are revealing your own prejudices here, not any "prejudices" of the Lib Dems!
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