Sunday, October 29, 2006


Did they bear false witness?

FibDem Towers did come across an article from last week which said that the "Moderator [of the Church of Scotland] will meet with local representatives including Jo Swinson MP, Des McNulty MP and Alan Reid MP".

This "visit follows the Long Walk for Peace last month from Faslane to the Scottish Houses of Parliament together with the Archbishop of Glasgow, Dr Mario Conti".

Old Porridge is concerned about what they may, or may not, tell a religious leader. He hopes it's not the twisted contortions of Euan Robson and they be honest and tell him the truth of their party leader's support for Trident.

After all, and regardless of whether you support or oppose a nuclear deterrent, bearing false witness is a sin.

"Yeah but, no but Father McDonald I totally agree with you that we should get rid of these evil weapons by keeping them like my leader says."

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