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A disgruntled ex-Fibber writes...

Here at FibDem Towers we are a non-aligned bunch (Iain Dale even says so...) so we can't possibly endorse the particular political conclusions of certain letter writers. (much to the relief of Old Porridge)

But while we may not agree with their eventual conclusions, or indeed some of the things they say about Lib Dem "principles" (a bit like the Jersey Devil in that people believe it exists, but there's never been any proof) we cannot help but nod sagely as they slowly begin to see the light.

And so, behold as another Lib Dem voter realises they're being conned.


Herald, Your letters, September 26 2006

A LibDem voter’s reasons for not doing it again

TRY as I may, I cannot do other than deplore the LibDem decision to rule out any form of a pact with the SNP in the certain event of no party winning a majority of votes in the Holyrood election.

The greatest thing the LibDems have done in recent years was to vote against the Iraq war. It was a stand that won the admiration of many of us. Events have shown their principled and clearly thought-out position to be well founded. The war has exacerbated Iraq's problems rather than solved them. Now we have a situation in which more people are dying per month in Iraq than were killed in 9/11, torture is far more prevalent than in the days of Saddam and the country has spiralled into civil war.

It was this stand that secured my vote at the General Election.

The LibDems now, however, have apparently jettisoned principle and are only too willing to jump back into bed after the Holyrood elections with the party whose leader, Tony Blair, led Britain into that war on a tissue of lies.

Any attempt by the LibDems to argue spuriously that Labour north and south of the border are two distinct entities is farcical. Scottish constituency Labour parties not only send MSPs to Holyrood, they also send MPs to Westminster. And Scottish Labour MPs were among those who most vociferously lampooned Charles Kennedy when he attempted to put the case for not going to war.

Labour deserves to be punished north and south of the border but the LibDems are apparently not prepared to participate in its punishment. In fact, quite the reverse is true. It should be noted that the LibDems have not ruled out continuing in coalition with Labour. And Labour knows that only a big LibDem vote can cause it to retain control in Scotland.

In short, yesterday's men and women of principle have, in effect, let it be known that they will be tomorrow's Labour fellow-travellers.

Personally, I shall vote Nationalist in May and against independence in the event of a subsequent referendum.

A B Robertson, Window Rock, Innellan.

Is there a link to where an ELECTED Liberal Democrat, as opposed to conjecture from a journalist or someone else, actually said this.
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