Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Feeling the wrath of students

After nearly 6 years of claiming they had "abolished" tuition fees the Fibs are now opposing the meat of that policy - the graduate endowment which meant students paid fees for, er, tuition.

The irony is that it was their policy as a means to play smoke and mirrors with the voters and students. Labour kept to their principles that tuition should be paid for. However you feel about it they said what they would do. The Fibs played a two-faced game.

However after 6 years and bills for tuition hitting the doorsteps of graduates it looks like students have realised that they've been sold a pup from the Fibs and are turning against them. One can almost feel the anger exuding towards the Fibs.

So, dear readers, please tell all about this stark example of Fib boasts not being met by the reality.

Nicol Stephen realised too late why he had been invited to Aberdeen University's Rag Week

This is a complete disgrace. They hardly claim to b against top up fees and then oppose their own policy. Another example of fibbery from the fib dems.
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