Sunday, October 29, 2006


More on politics and road safety

Regulars may remember Tavish's sanctimonious (and ultimately hypocritical) claim that they didn't play politics with road safety.

Well it seems FibDem junior Minister George Lyon doesn't get the message:
23 October 2006


AN EXECUTIVE minister has avoided a court appearance after police caught him speeding at more than 80mph.

Lib Dem MSP George Lyon was spotted by cops thundering through Cairndow in Argyll more than 20mph over the limit.

But instead of being dragged before a sheriff, the deputy finance minister has been given a £60 fine and three penalty points.

Lyon's VW Passat was pulled over on September 23.

Yesterday, he was unavailable for comment but a spokesman said: "He regrets his actions. He previously held a clean licence."

But the decision not to prosecute sparked anger.

Isobel Bridie, of the Scottish Campaign against Irresponsible Drivers, said: "We would definitely have liked to see a court appearance and, if necessary, a driving ban for people who speed excessively in this way."

FibDem Towers has to yet again ask why is George Lyon still a Minister?

A question the "furious" Ming and Nicol Stephen should be asked. Or is being "petty and mean-spirited" a prerequisite for getting on in the Fibs?

Maybe the Scottish Transport Minister should also be asked - a one Tavish Scott who likes to give the impression in elections that he cares about road safety.

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"At the side of..."? Pulled over again was he?

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