Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Shadow Economy? I better black that out...

Sometimes these posts really do just write themselves. Fib Dem MP Bob Russell recently slammed No. 10’s spokesperson for using the term ‘Black Economy’. In the usual zealous nature of political correctness this Fibdem blurted:

" I am shocked that Downing Street uses the reference 'black economy' - this term was dropped years ago, certainly by state organisations like Customs and Excise, to the more sensitively acceptable term 'grey economy' or 'shadow economy'… The term 'black economy' has racial overtones. Downing Street is thus politically incorrect to use this term.”

Oh really Bobby? Maybe you should have told that to Fibdem MEP Liz Lynne who used that exact term ‘black economy’ in her motion at the Liberal Democrat conference. Squealer wasn’t there at 16:50 on September 20th when it was moved but it would have brought a snort of delight if he was.

However not to be outdone, the Fibdem faithful in Enfield used it as well

Squealer awaits in anticipation for this ‘sanctimonious twit’ to put a foot wrong again!

Russell assured the other Honourable Members that this, black..err grey cannon could hit Enfield

The Thimble point out that only yesterday Nick Clegg said:

"First, the danger of discriminating against all non-EU low skilled migrants is that they will be simply driven underground into the black economy and the hands of exploitative gangmasters."

How very dare he.
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