Monday, November 20, 2006


Fiddler on the Hoof?

So, it seems that erstwhile road safety campaigner Tavish Scott was not happy enough to make a £36,000 profit on a flat which he purchased through the Edinburgh Accommodation Allowance.

He then used the profits which the taxpayer helped him to make to purchase a £380,000 family home, which he now shares with the BBC journalist Kirsten Campbell following his split from his wife.

Guess who is paying the interest on the mortgage?

Still, this is obviously a one-off, it isn't like the Lib Dems have made a habit of using the Scottish Parliament allowances system to line their pockets at the taxpayers expense, is it?


FibDems .. dangerous, devious thieves in the coalition which has robbed Scotland blind for 6 years.. what else can we expect from a party which took funding from a convicted criminal and refuses to hand it back.
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