Thursday, November 30, 2006


Rennie's bomb saga continues....

Squealer has clearly been sleeping on the job to have missed this howler for so long. Remember when we broke the story on Mr. Rennie's now world famous PMQ on Cluster munitions? It gets better folks. The day after it, Mr. Rennie, who is oh so concerned about cluster bombs, failed to show up to an adjournment debate. The subject? CLUSTER MUNITIONS.

Yes siree! One day after his impassioned anti-cluster bomb PMQ to Tony he fails to show up for a debate on that very topic. We are not kidding. We can't make this up.

This got ol'Squealer wondering....perhaps he reads Fibdems? Perhaps Jeremy Purvis, the MSP of McEwan and Purvis, who have Raytheon as a client, called him to tell him he was off his Christmas card list? Perhaps he was busy signing these three EDM's on Cluster Munitions?

Squealer eagerly awaits Wil-lie's next PMQ.

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