Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Conducting Research... Honest!!!

MisterInquisitor awoke this morning to find an e-mail from FibDems' Aberdeen mole in his inbox.

Contained within was the link to a story of a Lib Dem Councillor in Aberdeen admitting he accessed pornographic prostitute websites via council computers.

Martin Greig, the councillor for Ashley in Aberdeen, claimed, in his defence, that he was simply conducting "research" as part of his role as chair of the Sex Industry Forum.

One wonders why he had to bother with looking up websites on prostitution when he could have spoken to an expert on the subject.

Of course, regular workers who admit to accessing such sites would be sacked from their job. One wonders what makes Cllr Greig so special that he avoids even as much as a rap on the knuckles?

The whole episode does leave MisterInquisitor, and other FibDems correspondents, wondering what else Cllr Greig would be willing to do in the name of "research"...


It seems "research" is an excuse which the Fibs are fond of using.

Of course, their councillors don't always make a good impression in the eyes of the law...

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